Comparing Azure Static Web Apps vs Azure WebApps vs Azure Blob Storage Static Sites

In May 2021, Azure static web apps were generally available (GA) and there has been a lot of buzz around them, and rightfully so! Now that azure static web apps are available as a standalone service, it’s a good idea to compare similar Azure services.

Static Web Apps in Azure

The team has put up a substantial quantity of documentation for the Azure Static Web App service launch. Look no farther than the documentation if you want to learn more about Static Web Apps. When developing your first Static Web App, you may also resort to several excellent quick start guides.

Azure Static Web Apps are more than simply a place to store your static website; the service itself includes a slew of useful features:

  • Static information such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and pictures can be hosted on the web.
  • Azure Functions provides integrated API support, with the ability to attach an existing Azure Functions app to a regular account.
  • First-rate GitHub and Azure DevOps integration, with builds and deploys triggered by repository updates.
  • Static content that is delivered globally, bringing material closer to your users.
  • Automatically renewed SSL certificates are provided at no cost.
  • Custom domains may be used to give your app a branded look.
  • When using APIs, a seamless security model with a reverse proxy is used, and no CORS setup is required.
  • Azure Active Directory, GitHub, and Twitter authentication providers are all supported.
  • Definition and assignment of permission roles that can be customized.
  • Routing rules in the backend give you complete control over the content and routes you provide.
  • Pull requests-powered staging versions allow you to preview your site before it goes live.

One of the most notable features of Azure Static Web Apps is the ability to link them with Azure DevOps or GitHub, allowing you to start using CI/CD right away.

It’s simple to get started with Azure DevOps and deploying your Azure Static Web App, or you can use the Azure Portal to create your first static site and link to your GitHub account if your code is hosted on GitHub.

Check out one of the Microsoft Learn courses for Azure Static Web Apps if you’d want to get started with an interactive lesson.

Azure Web Apps

Azure Web Apps are a Platform-as-a-Service solution that eliminates the need to deploy, configure, and maintain your own Azure virtual machines. Websites may be created with ASP.NET, PHP, Node.js, and Python. Using technologies like Visual Studio, GitHub, and Azure DevOps, Web Apps integrate effortlessly into your development environment.

While you’re operating a virtual machine (or physical server) for your application server and need functionality that goes beyond what Azure Static Web Programs provide (such as database services, .NET apps, and so on), Azure Web Apps could be your best choice. This might be the greatest solution for any type of application server that requires more than just a front end (and has to offer more than just static content).

If you want to learn more about Azure Web Apps, you may start by reading the documentation. To get started with Azure App Service, you can discover helpful material on quick start guides, deployment best practices, or finish the Microsoft Learn module on Azure App Service.

Static Blob Storage Website

The option to host your static site straight from an Azure Storage account is provided by Azure blob storage. Follow the getting started instructions to get started with creating a static website with this option.

While this is a quick method to host your static site, it misses many of the built-in capabilities of Azure Static Web Apps. There is no way to scale your site (unless you implement a CDN or Azure Front Door, which adds overhead and expenses as well as complexity with some apps), no built-in/simplified CI/CD process or deployment slots, and cert administration becomes more of an operational headache. You can learn more about establishing a blob storage static website here.

Whatever choice you pick for your website, perhaps this reference will help you make a more informed decision. Enjoy fun coding!

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