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There are multiple reasons for companies from the UK and worldwide to require managed Amazon cloud services. Aelius Venture is an experienced IT outsourcing company that provides dedicated teams for AWS cloud configuration and management Amazon Cloud Computing Services .

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Managed Amazon Cloud Services from Aelius Venture

Many businesses require help with managing Amazon cloud services. Aelius Venture has ample experience with providing AWS cloud consulting services, as well as building and managing cost-efficient, performant and transparent AWS cloud infrastructure for our customers. Over 7 years of experience and more than 20 successful cloud migration and management projects help us choose the best solution for each case and cost-efficiently implement it and run it.

Amazon Web Services Cloud Consulting

In many cases, the businesses want to perform AWS cloud migration in hope of reaping the benefits that AWS offers with its wide range of features. However, sometimes the best solution is not to go neck-deep with AWS cloud, due to high Amazon cloud services prices. Aelius Venture provides the required consulting to determine which AWS services are essential for your product, and what can safely be replaced with open-source alternatives.

Rapid Delivery of Turnkey Solutions for AWS Cloud Infrastructure

Our ample experience with configuring and running Amazon web services for our customers resulted in a wide range of turnkey solutions for typical challenges that multiple customers encounter while building their AWS cloud infrastructure. Being able to solve these issues quickly and proactively helps us to greatly shorten the time to market for new product features and provide reliable infrastructure management services.

Managed Amazon Cloud Computing Services

Amazon Web Services is the most popular cloud service provider worldwide, and many businesses want to move to this platform or start their new project there. However, to use AWS cloud infrastructure in the most cost-efficient way, one must know all the nooks and crannies of AWS services to ensure scalability, performance, and reliability of the system.

The standard approach to dealing with this challenge is trying to hire a software engineer with DevOps expertise in-house. However, this approach suffers from all the downsides and risks of any other recruitment: Skilled professionals are hard to find, hiring them takes a long time, they cost a lot, and if they quit, the project is in grave danger. This is why companies worldwide begin to search for alternatives, to save their time and money.

There are three major approaches to starting using Amazon cloud services quickly:

– Hiring AWS support engineers/partners to do the job for you
– Doing everything yourself using an extensive AWS knowledgebase
– hiring a Managed Services Provider to configure AWS services
– Hiring AWS support engineers or partners for cloud infrastructure design and implementation

This is a viable and quite popular approach, as who can know AWS features better than their engineers and certified partners? Many companies go this way and they receive multiple benefits of this choice:

– in-depth understanding of AWS features,
– quick design and implementation of relevant systems,
– using the most appropriate AWS services and products,
– end-to-end solutions built on AWS cloud infrastructure.

However, there is quite a large downside to this approach. AWS support engineers, as well as AWS certified partners, are prone to use only AWS offers and features to build the cloud infrastructure for your projects — especially because the range of Amazon cloud services is huge and covers all the needs your project might have. Thus said, this naturally results in vendor lock-in, as you cannot migrate from AWS to another cloud platform easily, because you will have to rebuild the infrastructure from scratch with the new cloud provider.

In addition, many AWS features come in bundles, and not all of their components might be needed for your project. Thus said, you will likely have to pay for the services and features you do not need unless you know the open-source tools and systems to replace them with. But in this case — why pay AWS support engineers at all?

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Building an AWS Cloud Infrastructure Yourself

Amazon Web Services provides an extensive knowledge base describing all the aspects of operating AWS offers, tools, and components. Any startup can learn this goldmine of knowledge to build and run the systems they need without ever contacting AWS support engineers. This will help save lots of money in theory, but you will have to invest lots of time to get a firm grip of AWS knowledgebase, and the entrepreneur’s time costs a lot.

In real life, not a single knowledge base can describe the whole range of use cases for AWS services. Most likely, your project will be convenient enough to use several standard AWS tools — but it will be innovative enough to require filling the gaps with third-party open-source tools, or even custom modules (which are not described in the knowledgebase, of course). Thus said, you will need decent DevOps and AWS architecture expertise to build the system required to run your project. And unless you have such expertise within your team — the best way is to hire experienced professionals from a Managed Services Provider, like Aelius Venture.


Ordering AWS Cloud Infrastructure from a Reliable MSP

Aelius Venture combines the benefits of both previous approaches and does not have its downsides. We house a team of skilled DevOps engineers, who have an in-depth knowledge of both AWS cloud infrastructure and the systems the startups typically need for their projects. We know the patterns for the most commonly used web app workflows, and have a profound knowledge of the open-source DevOps tools that are best for using these patterns.

Working with Aelius Venture will provide you with instant access to skilled professionals, who will build modular cloud infrastructure using only the most relevant AWS services, and replacing the rest with open-source tools like Terraform, Kubernetes, Docker, ELK stack, Prometheus + Grafana, Jenkins, Ansible, Nagios, Icinga, Sumologic, Datadog, Gitlab CI, etc. This will ensure that you avoid vendor lock-in and get the project one as quickly as possible.


AWS Cloud Consulting

Sometimes the startups come to us after trying to build AWS cloud infrastructure for their projects themselves and messing it up somewhere. In these cases, we provide AWS cloud consulting and help these businesses optimize their cloud systems and workflows, to make them manageable, transparent, cost-efficient, and well-performing.

In addition, accomplishing multiple similar projects resulted in us having built a huge array of turnkey solutions, meaning we can build an AWS infrastructure quickly using building blocks from previous projects, instead of reinventing the wheel every time. This also increases project efficiency and greatly reduces time-to-market for your products and services.

The last, yet not the least important fact is that we have ample experience with building, redesigning, improving, and managing AWS cloud environments, so you are on the safe side, should you decide to work with us long-term.

Sounds too good to be true? Feel free to search for Aelius Venture customer reviews and ratings — and you will see that we have helped multiple businesses succeed with AWS cloud. Should you like your project to become our next successful case — let us know, we are glad to assist Amazon Cloud Computing Services !

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