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Many businesses search for IT outsourcing in cloud computing consulting. Aelius Venture provides dedicated teams that deliver cloud consulting services in the UK and worldwide Cloud Computing Consulting Services .

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IT Consulting Cloud Computing Services for Your Business

Cloud is the new default destination for businesses that want to ensure the predictability of their software delivery lifecycle, as well as scalability, security, and cost-efficiency of their IT operations. Aelius Venture offers in-depth cloud consulting services to help you choose the best fit for your project amidst top cloud providers, design and implement resilient high-performance cloud infrastructure for running your applications and data.

Cloud Services: Consulting, Design, Implementation

Every company wants to ensure maximum cost-efficiency of its operations, including cloud infrastructure management. However, building an all-around efficient production environment and software delivery pipeline is never easy. This is where a cloud consulting firm like Aelius Venture steps in. We know all the nooks and crannies of all cloud service providers, their features, and cloud solutions — and we can configure this infrastructure to meet your project needs!

Optimization & Management for Public Cloud Solutions

Many businesses think that they can build the needed cloud solutions themselves, using the in-house experts or knowledge bases from cloud providers. Unfortunately, this often results in overspending or underperformance and hampers the ongoing company growth. Aelius Venture receives a fair share of requests for cloud infrastructure optimization, and we can define the performance bottlenecks, design the solutions for them and highlight the room for performance growth for our customers.

Cloud Strategy Consulting from Aelius Venture

Every startup or small-to-medium business wants to run its IT operations in the most cost-efficient and performant way. Many go for cloud computing, due to its pay-per-use billing system, high scalability, and security. However, to optimize all the cloud features to the fullest extent, a business must have an in-depth understanding of all the settings and configuration nooks and crannies.

Obtaining Such Expertise is a Hard Task for Any Business, for a Variety of Reasons:

It’s hard to find skilled DevOps specialists. There are more vacancies on the job market, than candidates willing to take them. Hiring just some DevOps expertise is a sure way to future problems, and finding a decent DevOps specialist in-house can take quite a long time. The reason for this situation is that DevOps engineers want to have access to the latest technology and tools when they work on their projects so that they can experiment, master new instruments, improve their skills and grow as professionals.

This is the direct opposite of working for a single company for prolonged periods, using outdated technology, and performing repetitive tasks — which is the way most businesses operate, unfortunately. This is why DevOps engineers prefer working for cloud service providers like AWS, GCP, or MS Azure, or at least work for Managed Services Providers like Aelius Venture, as they gain access to a wide variety of projects that way and can accomplish their goals. This is a win-win situation for both parties, as the DevOps experts train their skills and the IT outsourcing customers gain instant access to top-notch talents for their projects.


It’s hard to avoid vendor lock-in. Many businesses prefer to hire support engineers directly from cloud service providers, as who can know the system better than people that support it? They can quickly design, develop and deliver end-to-end cloud solutions, configure scalability and security features, build CI/CD pipelines and ensure rapid software delivery… yes. But this comes at a price of vendor lock-in, as AWS DevOps specialists will naturally use Amazon S3 for file storage, Amazon EC2 instances for running environments, Amazon CloudTrail for security, Amazon Fargate for managed Kubernetes clusters, etc.

This is good if you are sure you are with AWS for life (but nobody can be sure of this, really). There is a myriad of scenarios where a business might need to migrate from a public cloud to another cloud platform, private or hybrid cloud infrastructure, or even on-prem cloud solutions like OpenStack or OpenShift. In this case, you would have to ditch all the infrastructure and build a new one from scratch at your new destination. In addition, many cloud services were designed to operate in bundles, but not all of the features would be needed for your particular project. Thus said, you risk overpaying for the suite of cloud computing tools you don’t require.


To avoid this, a business would need to understand what cloud infrastructure is needed for a custom software development or mobile app development, what open-source alternatives to cloud-based tools exist, and how to use them to build a modular and resilient cloud infrastructure that can be relatively easily moved to another cloud service provider. In other words, a business would need to have decent DevOps expertise, and we are back to point one.

These are two main reasons why most of the companies nowadays are going for IT outsourcing of DevOps services and order cloud consulting from Managed Services Providers, like Aelius Venture. Cloud consulting companies understand the peculiarities and limitations of various cloud-based tools and have the needed understanding of the best practices of cloud infrastructure design and implementation. This way, the customers get instant access to skilled professionals and the latest technology, which ensures the successful accomplishment of their projects Cloud Computing Consulting Services .


Cloud Managed Services for Your Business

Aelius Venture is a Managed Services Provider with 7+ years of experience in remote system administration DevOps expertise since 2014. Our team has an in-depth understanding of AWS and GCP cloud computing platforms and a decent knowledge of MS Azure specifics. We also have a profound knowledge of various open-source cloud-based DevOps tools like Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Ansible, ELK stack, Prometheus & Grafana, etc Cloud Computing Consulting Services .

This expertise helps us design, implement and run cost-efficient cloud infrastructure for our customers, where only the essential cloud services are vendor-specific, and everything else is replaced with open-source analogs. This helps avoid vendor lock-in and ensures the customer receives a modular, easily adjustable system that provides reliable performance and streamlined software delivery pipelines Cloud Computing Consulting Services .

We are always ready to provide cloud consulting services for your business, so if you need assistance with your next project — contact us and we will be glad to help!

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