Google Cloud Platform Managed Services

Aelius Venture has 7+ years of expertise in providing dedicated teams for delivering Google-managed services since 2014. If you need a reliable IT outsourcing partner to better use managed services from Google Cloud Platform — we offer our help GCP Platform Managed Services !


GCP Managed Services from Aelius Venture

If you plan to deploy your product to GCP or already manage it there, cost-efficiency becomes one of the most important parameters. Google Cloud provides a ton of exciting features or services that can be hugely beneficial for your business — if they are correctly configured. It’s exactly what Aelius Venture-managed GCP services do — we help you build and run efficient GCP systems!

GCP Infrastructure Configured & Run by Professionals

There are three ways to run GCP infrastructure efficiently: do it yourself, hire GCP admins, or outsource to a Managed Services Provider. In the first case, you lose time while your IT dept learns the ropes. In the second case, GCP admins cost a lot, and you are served closer to the end of SLA terms. In the third case, you get skilled professionals at affordable prices.

Latest Google Cloud Features for Your Business

When working with cloud service providers, you’ll want to use the best and latest stable versions of their products and services. This means constant retraining of your personnel, however. When working with IT outsourcing companies like Aelius Venture, these R&D expenses are spread across all the customers, so you get the latest expertise at a fraction of the costs of mastering it by your IT team.

Instant Access to Motivated Professionals

Working on the same project for years slows down professional growth and reduces motivation. When the business outsources to a Managed Service Provider, they get access to dedicated DevOps teams that work on a multitude of projects. This way they are also interested in new challenges and are motivated to offer the most cost-efficient solutions.

What are Google Cloud Platform Managed Services?

Google Cloud Platform is one of the most dynamically growing cloud service providers, the core developer of Kubernetes, and a large innovator. GCP provides multiple cloud services like:

– Infrastructure-as-a-Service,
– AI and ML libraries and APIs,
– Big Data analytics,
– Serverless computing,
– IoT tools and SDK,
– Service meshes and others.

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Google Cloud products and services are multiple, and sorting them out on your own is quite a laborious and Boring task. This is why Aelius Venture, a reputable DevOps-as-a-Service company, listed among the top-10 Managed Services Providers worldwide is offering the Managed GCP Services to help businesses of all sizes get the most of their cloud investment with GCP.

GCP Managed Services: Business Benefits

– Greatly reduced time-to-market for the product

– Efficient budget use from the very start of the project

– Reduction of system maintenance overhead and expenses

– An easy learning curve of GCP services for your IT team

GCP Managed Services: Technical benefits

– Rapid design of the needed GCP cloud infrastructure

– Using only the required GCP services and products for your project

– Ensuring optimal resource allocation and service continuity

– Optimal system performance and fault-tolerance


What Do You Get?

– GCP cloud architecture design — our experienced cloud architects design and implement the most suitable GCP cloud environment for your project.

– GCP cloud automation implementation — configuration of automated cloud infrastructure management using Kubernetes, Ansible, Jenkins, and other tools.

– Infrastructure as Code — versioning the infrastructure states as code, ensuring any needed configuration can be easily provisioned using error-proof Terraform manifests.

– CI/CD pipelines — maximizing the product delivery efficiency and end-user experience through building automated pipelines for software delivery and maintenance.

– Scalability — using Google Compute Engine auto-scaling with Kubernetes nodes ensures optimal resource allocation and product performance in production.

– Real-time alerting — smart alerts from Google Stackdriver to Slack and other messengers to keep your hand on the pulse of infrastructure performance.

– Proactive monitoring — in-depth configuration of Prometheus+Grafana or bespoke cloud monitoring solutions for detailed insights on the infrastructure performance.

– In-depth logging — deploying ELK stack, FluentD, Sumologic, Splunk, or other cloud computing logging solutions to provide detailed reports and log analysis.

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