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Aelius Venture is an IT outsourcing provider in CRM Development Services with 7+ years of expertise since 2014 in custom CRM development for companies in the UK and worldwide. Our dedicated teams will help you build custom CRM software using the most relevant technology, tools, and best practices.


Custom CRM Software Development for Your Company

While the CRM software market is full of offers, many businesses discover that larger platforms are too complex or costly to implement, while cheaper alternatives lack many features or are unable to integrate with the other tools you use. Thus said, custom CRM development is quite popular as it allows delivering a reliable tool uniquely suited to the needs of your company for a fraction of the cost of implementing one of the top-of-the-line CRM solutions. We have been the best in this expertise!

Aelius Venture Offers CRM Development Services Since 2014

We have developed multiple products of varying scopes for several dozens of customers worldwide. From UI redesign and back-end optimization to full-scale custom CRM development for businesses of any scale — we’ve done it all. Aelius Venture’s main expertise in terms of web development lies within custom CRM development services and delivering a custom HRM development project. However, we have helped build several cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase, online marketplaces, cash flow monitoring tools, and online dating apps other than which are popular in the market.

Optimizing the Things That Matter — Customer Relationships & Human Resources!

Many Aelius Venture customers contacted us with requests to improve their cloud infrastructure or optimize their software delivery processes. However, after onboarding a project we saw that the issues originated from incorrect software architecture or delivery roadmap. We provided our assistance to help these companies both optimize their software delivery workflows and get better tools for their sales or human resource management.

Aelius Venture — A CRM Development Company You Can Trust

Throughout 7+ years of Aelius Venture operations since 2014, our team has developed a multitude of products, from mobile and web apps to end-to-end CRM solutions, marketplaces, dating apps, cash flow control tools, and much more. The most popular requests, however, are for Customer Relationship Management or CRM systems, as these are crucial for smooth and continuous interaction with the customers, which leads to closed sales and profits. We have been consistent!

There were several cases when Aelius Venture customers contacted us with requests to optimize their IT infrastructure or implement some CI/CD pipeline for their internal software delivery. During the process of the initial audit, it became apparent that these issues hindered and damaged their plans for building a custom CRM system for their company or their customers. In many cases, these were not the only problems, only the most apparent ones. Several more issues were discovered with these products, mostly impacting their future scalability, security, or manageability.

Aelius Venture houses a wide array of software developers with rich front-end and backend development expertise, so we suggested assisting our customers in their product development. These projects were accomplished successfully and on time, and satisfied customers left multiple positive Aelius Venture reviews on Clutch and Glassdoor.

Custom Human Resource Information System Development

When the Aelius Venture team grew to 50+ software developers, DevOps engineers, and Big Data architects, management of HR processes became too complex to be done through Google docs and spreadsheets. We considered buying one of the HRIS systems on the market, yet discovered that the market leaders are too complex and costly in implementation, while cheaper alternatives lack the functionality we required. Thus said, we chose to develop a custom human resource information system for our team. We know how to pave our own path!

We applied the CRM app design, front-end, and back-end development experience gained from a multitude of our previous projects to build a simplistic end-to-end HRIS/HRM system for our needs. With a user-friendly design, cloud-based secure data storage, AI-empowered recruitment, and HR management via a chatbot, as well as rapid implementation of customer requests and feedback, HURMA System gained lots of traction on the UK market since its release in September 2018. As of May 2021, we have 20+ customers in the UK, the Republic of Belarus, and the Republic of Kazakhstan. While primarily IT-oriented, HURMA proved useful to companies and organizations in manufacturing, construction, logistics, banking, finances, retail, pharma, marketing, telecom, and governmental institutions. We have gone so ahead from we started!

We are currently entering the US and EU market, as HURMA System is fully GDPR-compliant and can be integrated via API with a variety of popular HRM, HRIS, ATS, and CRM systems, as well as adapted to unique requirements through custom development of HRIS solution for you. We can also provide custom CRM app development and deliver a bespoke CRM/HRM solution for your business. We know how to stay ahead of the competitors.

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Why Use CRM Development Services from Aelius Venture?

If your company requires custom CRM development services, this means that there are certain skills you need to obtain and there are but 3 ways to obtain them: compose a team in-house, hire one of the vendors to customize their product for you, or hire a CRM solution development company to provide the needed expertise. We have been honest with whatever We did and will do in the future!

The first route can seem the best one, but it requires the most time and effort, as the new team must be assembled and top-level professionals are rarely available on the market. Therefore, you’ll have to pay for recruitment and human resources expenses while the specialists are found and recruited and the group of people becomes a cohesive team. In addition, should one of the specialists leave, the whole project can be at risk.

The second approach is taking a ready CRM app or HRM system and asking their developers for custom adjustments that fit your needs. This is much quicker and easier, but depends heavily on the architecture and technology stack of the product, as some adjustments just can be done to certain CRM solutions. In addition, this would add a lot to the implementation cost, which is usually quite high on its own. Should you decide to work with Aelius Venture though, this is quite a viable solution for the reasons described below.

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The best approach to custom CRM development is hiring an IT outsourcing company that has the experience, talents, and workflows required for such software delivery. In that case, the software development company will have many modules available immediately and will be able to build the backbone of your future customer relationship management software rapidly. In addition, they will know how to build the required custom modules and integrate them with the existing components quickly and efficiently. This is the way Aelius Venture works. We have been experts since the day we started in 2014.

One of our customers wanted to improve its CI/CD pipeline efficiency. We delivered the results they wanted but warned them the flaws originated from the architecture of the software they were developing. They asked us for help with improving the software structure and we helped our customer to build an efficient solution that performed well on the market. This is how we stayed through the thick and thins with our clients.

In some cases we joined such projects on the final stages of development, sometimes we helped from the very start, and almost always we delivered far better results than the previous contractors, quite often having to reorganize the software structure from scratch. Such projects gave us lots of experience with all stages of CRM development and we successfully implemented this expertise while building end-to-end CRM solutions for our customers and developing a human resource management system for ourselves.

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Aelius Venture Builds all Kinds of Apps & CRM Systems

Being a top-rated Upwork agency, one of the top 10 Managed Services Providers worldwide, and one of the leaders of the IT outsourcing market in the UK according to Clutch and Glassdoor, Aelius Venture has accumulated lots of experience with software, web, app, and blockchain development and CRM Development Services.

While startups need to build their products, custom CRM development is by far the most popular demand of established businesses. We can deliver great results in both cases due to a deep understanding of the required technology, polished workflows, and cohesive teams, which have lots of components already in place and can compose the required infrastructure and software architecture quite fast.

If you need a reliable partner to ensure successful custom CRM development for your company — Aelius Venture is ready to help! We have been having this expertise since 2014.

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