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Hiring an IT outsourcing company for Agile Product Development Services is the most suitable option for a corporation from the UK or anywhere within the world. Aelius Venture provides dedicated teams that deliver high-quality full development cycle time and under budget.


Agile Development from Aelius Venture – Product Development Services

To gain a competitive edge, a startup must use an Agile development process and deliver new product features rapidly. There are multiple products out there that solve all types of issues, and therefore the customers choose the one that caters to their needs best and delivers new features fast. Aelius Venture has ample experience with the product development cycle and is in a position to deliver all types of software and web apps to assist our customers to succeed.

Reliable Development Strategy for Your Business

Forming a reliable development strategy ensures the right allocation of resources, timely delivery of latest product features, shortening the general time-to-market and feedback loops from your customers in order that their suggestions and requests become new product features rapidly. this is often the simplest outcome for bolstering your brand and enabling word-of-mouth advocacy.

Full Development Life Cycle: From PoC to Post-Release Support & Scaling

Aelius Venture has experience performing on all stages of product design and development, from refining the thought to putting together a symbol of Concept, from developing a Minimum Viable Product to post-release support, scaling, and delivery of the latest features. We will assist your business to solve any challenges you would possibly face within the development life cycle.

Predictable Development Lifecycle for Your Success

Every startup that faces the challenges of software development lifecycle can follow one among the three main approaches to product development:

Hiring the specified expertise in-house. Most of the time, the startup owner has some technical background or can partner with a CTO, who has expertise in it. additionally, using Google App Engine, DigitalOcean, or AWS Pipeline can help build a product on your own. However, if your product may be a bit more complicated than a one-page eCommerce shop, it’d end up that you simply need DevOps engineers, QA and testing specialists, database administrators, etc. To hire these talents you’ll get to invest some effort and time in recruitment, either personally, using the in-house recruiter, or through a recruitment agency. In any case, this may take a while, and don’t forget that the skills you discover and hire can leave at any minute, so while building an in-house team of software engineers may be a sound business decision, it still poses many risks.

038-app development

Hiring freelancers to try to do the work. There are multiple job portals and freelancer platforms, where skilled technical people offer their services. Forming a team of freelancers can sound sort of a good plan, as these talents are often checked by their previous customer reviews and have a rating across the platform, so you’ll evaluate their hard and soft skills pretty easily and see if they suit your project requirements. additionally, the freelancers can start performing on your product directly, while you still build the in-house team. However, managing a dispersed team may be a very time- and effort-consuming process with many uncertainties. Deadlines will shift and therefore the contractors will often find some absolutely irresistible force-majeure reasons for not delivering on time. Thus said, a startup still can get the work done this manner, but adding new features to the merchandise would require hiring these specialists again, as they rarely deliver detailed developer documentation, so onboarding new software engineers are often quite challenged.

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Hiring a fanatical team from a Managed Services Provider like Aelius Venture. This approach combines the advantages of the 2 others and lacks their downsides. You gain instant access to a pool of skilled software developers and DevOps engineers, who are ready to assist in any stage of the product development lifecycle. we’ve successfully built several products from scratch and in many cases, we hit the bottom running, took the projects over from previous contractors, and helped the purchasers achieve their goals on time. A dedicated team works as a neighborhood of your company integrates into your communication channels and project management system, and reports to their PM or to your stakeholders directly. In this manner, you’ve got full control over the product development process and luxuriate in the visibility of all workflows. MSPs field multiple teams and supply detailed developer documentation, so onboarding new team members are going to be easy both on your and on their side. In addition, our ample experience with the merchandise design and development workflows ensures Aelius Venture has polished software development processes and many ready solutions for typical challenges, allowing us to scale back time-to-market for your product with no compromise on quality.


What Is The Product Development Services Strategy from Aelius Venture?

Over 6+ years of providing IT services, and with web and software package development, we’ve built a versatile and reliable workflow that ensures timely and transparent delivery of the latest features consistent with the Agile development methodology.

    1. We add short sprints and deliver results by the top of each sprint.
    1. We build CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) pipelines before even writing the code, so each code commit is automatically built, tested with the unit tests, and passed on to the staging environment for user acceptance testing and QA.
    2. We deliver new code in small neat batches to make sure minimal risk of bugs, effectively ensuring the amount of post-release issues to zero.
    1. We use the Infrastructure as Code approach, ensuring the continuity of runtime from the IDE all the thanks to the assembly environment.
    2. We use open-source system components like Terraform, Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, and Jenkins wherever possible, to make sure maximum cost-efficiency of software delivery and operations.
    1. We implement and perform smart monitoring, alerting, and logging solutions like SumoLogic, ELK Stack, FluentD, and Prometheus & Grafana to supply transparent and efficient monitoring of your production environments.
    2. We write in-depth developer documentation, so do you have to go to onboard new team members, it is often through with ease.

Thus said, Aelius Venture features a profound understanding and ample experience with software design, full-stack (front-end and back-end) development, building CI/CD pipelines, delivering DevOps services for software development automation and infrastructure management optimization, configuring bespoke cloud monitoring solutions, etc. we all know what must be done to deliver what the customer wants to realize.

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