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If you are a UK company in search of a dedicated team to deliver a cloud upgrade for your business — Aelius Venture is the way to go! We are an IT outsourcing provider with 7 years of expertise in providing cloud upgrade services.



Delivering Cloud Upgrade as a Service for Your Business

Every business requires a cloud upgrade when reaching a certain stage of growth. What worked for a platform with dozens of viewers will not work for hundreds or thousands. Cloud platforms deliver scalability, security, and ease of management crucial for operations at scale. Aelius Venture provides a cloud upgrade as a service, ensuring you reach your project goals without having to sort out all the possible cloud migration bottlenecks yourself.

AWS & GCP Cloud Upgrade Services

Sometimes a company wants to upgrade its existing cloud infrastructure. Sometimes a move from legacy infrastructure to the cloud is needed. Sometimes a business requires to change a plan of their cloud hosting to AWS or GCP. Aelius Venture delivers any kind of cloud upgrade services, be it transition to the cloud from legacy infrastructure, migration between clouds, or simple cloud service optimization.

Experienced Post-Upgrade Support for Cloud Application & Data

Aelius Venture can assist in any stage of the cloud upgrade. We audit the existing infrastructure, help eliminate the obsolete or underperforming parts to remove performance bottlenecks, build cloud-based analogs of your current systems and workflows and help move your data and applications to the cloud. We also provide in-depth post-upgrade support to help you get the most ROI on your cloud upgrade project.

Cloud Upgrade Services from Aelius Venture

Every business grows uniquely and no infrastructure is the same. However, the growing pains are quite similar for every business, the same as the solutions for them. There are several points in the startup lifecycle when a cloud upgrade would be very beneficial:

– the beginning of the software development, to have a cloud-native product from the get-go
– the MVP release, to use the cloud scalability features like CloudFront CDN
– splitting the monolith product to microservices to ease integration with third-party tools through RESTful APIs
– moving the data and applications from legacy infrastructure to the cloud platform to reduce OPEX and remove CAPEX
– optimizing your existing cloud infrastructure to remove performance bottlenecks and speed up the time-to-market for new product features
– post-release long-term support and monitoring

Thus said, a cloud upgrade can be beneficial in literally every stage of software development and infrastructure management. The only real issue with it lies in finding a trustworthy IT outsourcing company, ready and able to deliver the results you need.
There are three main approaches to performing a cloud upgrade:



– Hiring the required expertise in-house. While seemingly a sound business decision, in real life it boils down to a long and costly recruitment process, as skilled DevOps engineers are not easy to find. When you find one, it might turn out his skills are not high enough for your project, or they might leave mid-project and put it at risk.

– Hiring support engineers from the cloud platform. This is a popular approach, as the business gets access to industry-leading technical expertise. The downside is that these specialists will use platform-specific tools, which can result in vendor lock-in, so you will need to rebuild the infrastructure from scratch if you ever need to migrate to another cloud platform.

– Hiring the IT outsourcing company. A Managed Services Provider like Aelius Venture fields teams of experienced specialists, who can help with upgrading your cloud application and database environments to the latest version and making sure it is running cost-efficiently. We use open-source free-to-use tools to ensure your structure is modular, resilient, performs well, and can run on any cloud platform.
Thus said, our customers gain instant access to dedicated teams of skilled DevOps engineers, and our employees have a variety of projects and tasks to choose from, helping them grow as professionals quickly. This is a win-win situation for both parties.


AWS & GCP Cloud Platform Upgrades

Many customers approach us when they have already built their cloud infrastructure with AWS or GCP, but understand their systems don’t run quite well and have to be optimized. Many more simply want to move to Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform from a legacy infrastructure or some other cloud provider. We help audit the existing infrastructure and workflows, define the weak spots and devise the solutions for them, and perform the migration to the cloud without any bottlenecks.

Aelius Venture DevOps team has more than 7 years of experience since 2014 with cloud migrations and infrastructure optimization services and provided cloud upgrade services to more than 500 businesses of varying scopes.


Post-Upgrade Support & Maintenance for Cloud Applications


While many customers consider cloud upgrade services to be a one-time thing, they span quite a long time. Once the application and databases are moved to the cloud, they must be monitored to ensure stable performance, especially if the product is in active development.


Thus said, Aelius Venture has a thorough understanding and rich practical experience with building cloud monitoring solutions, as well as logging and smart alerting systems for Big Data analytics.


We build Continuous Integration/ Continuous Delivery pipelines and deploy smart monitoring systems based on the ELK stack, FluentD, SumoLogic, Prometheus+Grafana, and other open-source or vendor-specific tools to make sure your cloud environment runs perfectly at all times and provides a positive end-user experience without any downtime and interruptions.

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