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The most cost-efficient way of delivering new products for any UK-based or global business is cloud-based software development. Aelius Venture is an experienced IT outsourcing company, providing dedicated teams for cloud service development and management Cloud Development Services .

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Cloud Computing Development & Management At Scale

Cloud-based development of web applications is the best way to achieve cost-efficiency, predictability, and transparency of software delivery and infrastructure management. Virtualized environments for developing web and mobile applications help greatly reduce time-to-market, improve service delivery continuity and ensure the uninterrupted positive end-user experience. Aelius Venture has a thorough understanding of cloud-based development and infrastructure management at scale and can help you deliver more value to your customers using the same or fewer resources.

Configuration Of Public Cloud Development Services

Most of the companies that select the public cloud as the destination for their app development go for Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform. These cloud providers provide top-tier security and performance for cloud computing development with their Amazon Pipeline and Google App Engine cloud computing services. Aelius Venture helps configure these cloud services to meet your unique project requirements best and help your business optimize them to the fullest.

Cloud Software Development & Post-Release Support

While the efficiency of software delivery is important to ensure timely and feasible development of cloud-native web and mobile apps, their post-release support, ongoing development, and cloud infrastructure management are crucial to ensure long-term product success. Aelius Venture provides experienced developers and DevOps engineers, who deliver end-to-end cloud computing services and solutions for your business. We don’t just configure the software — we make sure your product succeeds!

Professional Cloud-Based Development of Web Applications & Services from Aelius Venture

Every business is a software business nowadays, and it is even truer in 2021 than in 2011, when Marc Andreessen wrote his famous “Why Software Is Eating The World” essay for the Wall Street Journal. Every business that wishes to stay in touch and build strong relations with customers has to have some form of an app, website, or another online platform to communicate with them. Aelius Venture helps build web applications and software that deliver value to your users and turn them into life-long customers and brand advocates.

The waterfall is the traditional approach to software delivery, where every stage is planned and can be started only once the previous stage is completed. The largest portion of time there is dedicated to software testing and bug fixing as this is quite a time-consuming process. Developers write the code in their IDEs and submit it to QA engineers for testing. If the testing environments are readily available, the QA specialists can start working at once — or they have to issue a ticket for Ops engineers to configure the required environments for the task. The Ops engineers have to deal with the daily influx of such requests and can dedicate precious little time to the optimization of your infrastructure performance. Yes, they can create a library of bash scripts or PowerShell macros, but these still have to be modified each time any adjustment in the environment configuration is needed. And even if the Ops engineers provision the required environments quickly, the QA & testing process still usually shows lots of bugs so the code must be returned to the developers for bug fixing. Rinse, repeat.

Thus said Agile methodology of software delivery was aimed at improving the software development life cycle, and DevOps is the practical implementation of Agile ideas. The main benefit of cloud-based software development lies within the fact that virtualized machines, cloud computing, and web services, DevOps tools for IaC, and CI/CD pipelines provide an immense reduction in time, effort, and resources needed to develop a new product. Let’s see how each of the points listed above can help your business become more efficient.

Every public cloud computing provider like Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform operates IaaS or Infrastructure-as-a-Service — virtualized server ecosystems, meaning all available computing resources are not limited to their respective hardware but are combined into a single pool through some virtualization technology. Thus said, cloud vendors can provision new server instances in mere seconds instead of several hours of manual configuration.

In addition, AWS, GCP, MS Azure, and every other cloud service provider offer PaaS or Platform-as-a-Service — features like Amazon Pipeline, Google App Engine, IBM Cloud Foundry, etc. These tools help build fully cloud-native applications using cloud services and instruments. Thus said, a business can get an end-to-end cloud-based solution for software development and infrastructure management.

DevOps workflows are centered on the automation of routine tasks and increasing the efficiency of all processes. Thus said, in Agile development, the developers, QA, and Ops engineers discuss the project from the very beginning and select the most appropriate technology stack, architecture, and delivery roadmap for the product. Due to this, the DevOps engineers can configure the required environmental parameters through textual files, so-called manifests.

These manifests are written in simple descriptive language, stored in the project repository on GitHub, are versioned like any other code, and can be adjusted with relative ease should the need arise. The developers have to simply run the needed manifests to get the required IDEs, build or testing environments. This is IaC or Infrastructure as Code approach, ensuring that the code works in the same environment from IDE to production, guaranteeing continuity of development and operational management.

The biggest benefit of cloud-based software development with DevOps best practices is CI/CD or Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery principle. CI means that the code is written in small batches instead of long branches and is constantly integrated into the main project trunk after testing. This ensures the latest stable version of the product is always available and new features are developed and released very rapidly, shortening the time-to-market for your products and giving you a competitive edge.

CD is the practice of configuring a toolchain in a way that enables the output of one operation to become an input of another operation. This way, a code commit to the project trunk triggers a new product build, provisioning of a testing environment, passing the code on to a staging environment, and rolling it out to the production environment automatically. In addition, the release is done through rolling updates, so there is no downtime and the customers get an uninterrupted positive end-user experience.

However, having all of these open-source tools and cloud-based web services available does not make them automatically operational. Correct configuration of open-source DevOps tools, as well as management of cloud infrastructure and workflows, cannot be done based only on cloud vendor’s knowledge bases and guides. DevOps expertise is essential for designing, implementing, and managing cost-efficient and productive cloud computing development processes.


There are three main ways to achieve this result:

– Hiring DevOps talents in-house. While it sounds just right, it is quite hard to accomplish, as highly-skilled DevOps talents are rarely freely available on the market, and working with inexperienced freelancers can doom your project. Besides, forming a cohesive team of a group of individuals takes time, further delaying your project completion.

– Working with cloud platform support. Many businesses opt for hiring support engineers or certified partners of AWS and GCP to deliver the required web development services. It grants access to skilled talents, yes, but it also results in vendor lock-in and can be quite expensive.

– Hiring an IT outsourcing company. There are multiple IT service providers like Aelius Venture, who can help your business get the most out of your cloud investments. You get instant access to cohesive teams of skilled professionals who use open-source DevOps tools to minimize your expenses while maximizing the performance of your software development process.

Aelius Venture is a reliable Managed Service Provider with more than 15 years of experience in delivering remote IT Services, 10 years of expertise in web development, and 5 years of in-depth work with cloud infrastructure and DevOps workflows. We provide dedicated teams for web development and DevOps services, who deliver end-to-end solutions for our customers. Aelius Venture can become your reliable partner for a variety of IT-related tasks and projects.


Cloud-Based Development Using Amazon Web Services & Google Cloud Platform

Many companies prefer building CI/CD pipelines for software delivery using web services from AWS and GCP. These cloud providers do enable a full cycle of software development, but they must be configured correctly to ensure you don’t overpay. Aelius Venture has ample experience with building and running cloud infrastructure for web-based software development on Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform.

We have used both the Google App Engine and Amazon Pipeline for building the required infrastructure and processes for automated building, testing, staging, and releasing the new product features. We have moved on-prem projects to these platforms and helped move ready web applications to a public or private cloud, configure auto-scaling, load balancing, security, monitoring, smart alerting, and other essential processes. We have also performed a migration from AWS to GCP and vice versa, as well as helped several customers move their cloud computing development to an on-prem cloud using bare-metal Kubernetes clusters.


Post-Release Product Support & Ongoing Cloud-Based Development

There are various cases when the initial cloud-native infrastructure turns out to be suboptimal as the business scales. Thus said, every project needs long-term cloud infrastructure support and might need performance optimization. Aelius Venture has ample experience with providing long-term product delivery support on any stage of software development, as well as optimizing the existing infrastructure bottlenecks. We help your business increase operational performance and cost-efficiency, reduce time-to-market for your products and drive more value to your users.

Our cloud development services include moving from on-prem legacy infrastructure to the cloud with complete redesign and reconfiguration of outdated workflows, optimization of the existing cloud infrastructure due to devising solutions for performance bottlenecks, building CI/CD pipelines for long-term product development and infrastructure management, and many more cases. We can also provide the audit of existing cloud architecture and deliver solutions for smart alerting, monitoring, logging, and processing your system logs using Big Data analytics and Machine Learning models.

Aelius Venture has more than 80 accomplished projects and has rich experience in handling cloud infrastructure management projects at scale. Should you require our assistance with your next cloud-based software development project — contact us and we will be happy to help!

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