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Aelius Venture is an IT outsourcing company with ample experience in cloud staffing services. Our dedicated teams help UK companies get their projects done on time and under budget. If you require reliable IT cloud staffing services — we are here to help!

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Aelius Venture — A Trustworthy IT Cloud Staffing Company in the UK

From time to time many companies face the need to hire external talents to remedy the lack of in-house experience with some particular technology required for their next cloud-based project. IT cloud staffing is the best way to avoid a time-consuming recruitment process and gain instant access to the highly skilled talent pool for only a fraction of the costs of hiring an in-house team for your business. Aelius Venture has a keen interest in helping its clients very closely.

Cloud Staffing Services for Startups & Enterprises

Aelius Venture is an IT outsourcing company with rich expertise in providing high-end staffing solutions for various web-based IT projects. We have a pre-vetted pool of more than 1,00 candidates and in-depth applicant tracking and management software to rapidly form the required teams for all kinds of projects, from software development and blockchain implementation to cloud migration, DevOps services, and Big Data analytics. We have proven expertise since 2014.

Forget About Receiving Marketing Messages from Indeed Endlessly!

We provide formed teams with polished workflows and established roles that can onboard any cloud computing project at once and ensure its timely completion. You don’t have to source, interview, and approve candidates yourself — all the preliminary work is done by us so that you can simply pick the team that fits you best. Stop hiring and start working on the project! We got you covered here!

Efficient Talent Cloud Staffing for Your Business From Aelius Venture!

Every business knows the hardships of finding the right talent for the job, especially when the company adopts new technology or embarks on a journey to develop a new product. The standard approach is hardly viable — everybody distastes the time-consuming recruitment process, interviewing dozens of candidates for each position, subscribing to expensive specialized applicant tracking and management software, etc. Quite the contrary, each startup or established company wants to get their project done quickly and without wasting much effort into hiring the talents and organizing them into a cohesive team.

Aelius Venture is a Managed Services Provider with rich expertise in providing cloud staffing solutions. We field highly professional teams, the backbone of which is formed from our in-house talents, and the rest of the positions is quickly filled using our pre-vetted pool of 1,00+ applicants. Thus said, the customer has to simply approve the final team composition and can kick start their project at once, while we handle all the preliminary recruitment process.


IT cloud staffing is just one of the variants of obtaining the talents and skills required for accomplishing your projects. Recruiting the team in-house is another alternative, and the last variant is hiring the required specialists directly from your cloud service provider. However, the latter almost definitely means the dependency on their platform-specific tools and skills, which can be inapplicable on any other cloud platform. Essentially, you opt for vendor lock-in, and cloud transition to another cloud computing company means rebuilding the infrastructure from scratch. We have been consistent since 2014.


Working With IT Staffing Company

Thus said, hiring a cloud staffing company like Aelius Venture removes all the limitations of the previous two approaches. You don’t have to hire talents into the team one by one — nor do you have to use the cloud platform-specific tools and services. An IT staffing company provides readily available teams and highly skilled IT specialists with lots of experience in performing various IT projects and tasks. Aelius Venture provides the following cloud staffing services, for example:

– IT infrastructure and security audit

– Cloud infrastructure optimization

– Production environment monitoring, alerting, and logging

– CI/CD pipeline configuration for software delivery

– Enabling cloud management services in production

– Big Data analytics

– Training Machine Learning models and Artificial Intelligence algorithms

– Blockchain development

– Splitting monolithic apps into microservices

– App containerization

– Website/app/mobile design

– Full-stack software development

– Automated QA

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As you can see, we cover most of the business needs and your company can save a ton of time and money through this partnership. If you are interested — we are always ready to assist!

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