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Every company in the UK and globally wants to ensure its cloud architecture design is cost-efficient. Aelius Venture is an IT outsourcing provider that fields dedicated teams with wide experience in cloud computing design services.


Cloud Computing Design Services from Aelius Venture

When a business decides to design cloud infrastructure for its new project, it has to be cost-efficient, resilient, and perform well under heavy workloads. Aelius Venture has ample experience providing cloud computing design services and we can help build and implement the perfect cloud architecture for your data, applications, and workflows based on your project requirements. We can ensure your cloud architecture design will meet and exceed your expectations!

Public Cloud Design Services

Many startups think they can learn all they need to know about cloud architecture design from the cloud vendor’s knowledge base and FAQs. However, to design and run cost-efficient cloud infrastructure, you must know a lot of little details, nooks, and crannies of Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform. Aelius Venture provides cloud design services and helps our customers build secure, scalable, fault-tolerant, and manageable cloud infrastructures.

Aelius Venture — A Trustworthy Cloud Computing Design Company

Many IT outsourcing providers promise help with cloud architecture design and implementation, but most of them cannot fully deliver on their promises. Only the experience of providing successful cloud migrations can ensure smooth and reliable project completion, without any force-majeure issues. Aelius Venture has completed more than 20 DevOps projects, most of which involved cloud infrastructure design and implementation, so we are sure we can handle your project and deliver the results you expect.

Cloud Services Architecture for Your Business

Several main requirements remain mostly unchanged for all cloud infrastructure design projects. Every business wants its software delivery to be predictable at all stages, environments involved to be configured quickly and without errors, data and applications handled in production securely and without interruptions. These demands are based on simple business logic and are practically unchanged for all the projects we handle.

Thus said, the cloud design and infrastructure we implement have the following qualities.

– All the components that can be put into Docker containers are containerized. This ensures they operate the same in any environment where Docker is installed monolithic applications are split into microservices, which can then scale up and down, be updated, rebooted, and configured independently of each other application security is ensured by hiding private subnets behind a bastion host.
– Manual workflows are replaced with CI/CD pipelines that ensure fully automated processes without room for human error.
– We provide the prerequisites for implementing Big Data analytics, Machine Learning, serverless computing, and other cutting-edge cloud technology.

Aelius Venture has more than 5 years of experience in building cloud computing architecture on platforms like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. We know everything about configuring and running AWS EC2, AWS S3, Amazon VPC peering, CloudFront CDN, Amazon Lambda, Amazon ECS, Google BigQuery, Google Kubernetes Engine, Google App Engine, and other services and features required to successfully deliver your apps and services to the end-users.

What is much more important, we know of all possible configuration issues and limitations for these tools, what components they require to work efficiently and what cloud-native open-source alternatives exist for these tools. This understanding helps us build cost-efficient cloud computing architecture and infrastructure management workflows for our customers.


Designing Public Cloud-Based Infrastructure

Every public cloud vendor like Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services provides some testing sandbox for new users and gives access to a detailed Help section with step-by-step guides on all web services from Amazon or Google. Due to this, new users come to think they can design their cloud infrastructures without any help — but this can be a costly mistake.

Unless your cloud architecture is configured right in order to meet your project requirements — your billing can soon go out of hand. There were cases when incorrectly configured instances and workflows exhausted all the resources of an entire AWS Availability Zone overnight, which resulted in invoices for billions of USD. That company struck a deal with AWS and used that faulty system setup to train AWS internal cloud monitoring solutions, but many more businesses were not so lucky and had to pay huge bills.

Thus said, the devil is in the details and small mistakes may lead to huge problems. Correcting these mistakes quickly or removing them proactively helps save a ton of money and effort in the long run. As Aelius Venture has handled public cloud infrastructure design projects multiple times, we know the most common challenges you will encounter and have solutions for them readily available. This way you will not have to reinvent the wheel and will greatly reduce the time-to-market for your products.


Why Trust Your Cloud Architecture Design to Aelius Venture?

There are three main approaches to the design and implementation of cloud infrastructure:

– You can try to recruit the required team in-house
– You can delegate the task to AWS or GCP or Azure support engineers
– You can hire a dedicated team from a Managed Services Provider like Aelius Venture – Without any false modesty we can say that the latter approach is the most cost-efficient and reliable one — and here is why:

When trying to recruit a DevOps team with sufficient expertise to design the cloud environments you need, get ready to face all the downsides and shortcomings of the recruitment process. You will have to invest a lot of time and money in recruiting and HR management to build a productive team out of a group of professionals. More importantly, their skills might not suffice, and you will waste time and money on implementing faulty cloud architecture design. Aelius Venture has had a fair share of projects where we had to rectify the mess left by the previous contractor.

The second variant — working with support engineers from your cloud platform of choice, results in vendor lock-in and most of the tasks are done in 4 hours, not in 15 minutes — under SLA, yet not quickly enough. More importantly, AWS support engineers use AWS tools for cloud architecture design, so the customers have to pay quite a sum monthly. Our team has helped a lot of customers to lower their AWS expenses by replacing proprietary web services from Amazon with open-source alternatives.

Thus said, hiring a cohesive dedicated team from Aelius Venture grants you instant access to experienced professionals, who will implement your cloud architecture on time and help you reach the project objectives under budget. We mostly use cloud-based open-source tools, allowing us to minimize the OPEX while ensuring stable performance and manageability of customer’s systems.

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