DevOps Transformation Services

We believe that DevOps transformation is inevitable for any customer-oriented business in the US. Aelius Venture fields dedicated teams that have in-depth experience with IT outsourcing and DevOps cloud transformation in DevOps Transformation Services. Start yours today!


DevOps Transformation — We Help You Automate, So You Can Innovate!

In order to remain competitive, every business must ensure the most cost-efficient allocation of resources. DevOps transformation introduces the latest automation tools and best practices to ensure your IT infrastructure management and software delivery is cost-efficient and reliable.

Aelius Venture has ample experience in improving the software delivery life cycle and fostering innovation for businesses from various industries!

DevOps Culture Introduction

One of the prerequisites of DevOps transformation is the adoption of DevOps culture or collaboration and communication between the Dev, Ops, and QA teams, removing the silos of tasks, tools, and goals characteristic for Waterfall project management approach and replacing them with highly productive, cross-functional and innovative IT engineers.

Adoption of the Latest Tech

It is impossible to innovate using outdated tech. Aelius Venture has rich hands-on experience with the most popular DevOps tools and a deep understanding of the best ways to create cost-efficient interconnected systems using the latest versions of proprietary and open-source cloud-based and standalone systems and platforms. We are glad to implement them and help the customers get the most of their new cloud IT infrastructure.

Building Reliable & Transparent Workflows

Reliable and resilient IT infrastructure and transparent workflows crucial for building a predictable long-term business strategy and succeeding in achieving your business goals. Aelius Venture helps introduce the latest DevOps trends and best practices, and build cost-efficient software development and infrastructure management workflows, which will reduce time-to-market for new products and features while ensuring their quality, thus giving you a competitive edge.

DevOps Transformation — The Way to Reliable & Cost-Efficient IT Operations

Reliable & Efficient Software Delivery With DevOps

If your business needs to start DevOps transformation soon — you will need an in-depth understanding of the required technology, processes, and best practices. Aelius Venture knows how to make DevOps and cloud work together, how to make your development teams cross-functional, and use the DevOps best practices to create a continuous delivery pipeline and ensure a stable flow of value to your business.

Why Do You Need a DevOps Digital Transformation?

DevOps cloud transformation is a process of introducing a DevOps culture of communication and collaboration into your workflows, removing the siloed tasks and responsibilities from different departments and forming a new approach to software delivery and IT operations — the one that follows the “you built it, you run it” paradigm, instead of “throw the code over the wall to be someone else’s problem”. Automation of routine operations, elimination of all kinds of waste, the introduction of the latest DevOps practices — all of this helps your business undergo an invigorating change, become more customer-centric, adaptive, and competitive.

Agile & DevOps Work Together to Benefit Your Business

The software development process heavily relies on infrastructure stability and operational performance. In a scaled Agile environment the cost and time savings achieved through automation can help cut the software development costs by 50% while ensuring a continuous delivery pipeline that helps reduce the time-to-market for your product by 30-40%. When the company combines Agile software development methodology with DevOps practices of cloud computing infrastructure management and continuous optimization — you receive an innovative and productive environment able to implement customer feedback quickly and ensure a stable value stream both for your team and clients.

Managed DevOps Transformation Services

Aelius Venture employs an experienced DevOps transformation team that can help any business or organization to update their software development technology, introduce Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipeline and shorten time-to-market for their application. We provide the following DevOps services:

– Performance assessment and security audit of existing cloud or legacy infrastructure and workflows

– Design and implementation of solutions that remove the operational bottlenecks and increase the efficiency of Agile development

– Moving your IT infrastructure to the cloud or rebuilding it from scratch with cloud-native analogs

– Introducing DevOps tools, workflows, culture, and best practices to ensure safe DevOps transformation for your company

How to Choose a Good DevOps Transformation Team Like Aelius Venture?

Aelius Venture has ample experience with end-to-end DevOps digital transformation. We assess the existing infrastructure, suggest and implement solutions for bottlenecks, deploy updated cloud infrastructure, configure CI/CD pipelines and monitoring solutions and help your IT staff master it using open-source DevOps tools. Should you need any help — contact us and let’s move to success together!

DevOps Transformation

In the fast-paced business world of today, continuous innovation is not a buzzword or a whim — it is a question of survival. All businesses have equal access to the same level of IaaS from the cloud service providers like Azure, AWS, or GCP, so they have to seek a competitive advantage elsewhere.

The most effective way to secure the leading position among your competition is allocating your resources more efficiently, developing new product features quickly and cost-efficiently. DevOps approach to software delivery makes it possible. However, there are several serious challenges on the way:

– Companies usually lack in-house DevOps expertise
– Legacy infrastructure slows down or disables the innovation
– IT department is often the cost center and the budgets are limited
– DevOps transformation delivered as a service from a Managed Services Provider can solve

All three issues and help you reinvigorate the value delivery chain:

-Dedicated DevOps teams have ample hands-on experience with multiple projects and can select the right approach for your particular case
– DevOps transformation includes revamping your product and moving it to the cloud to drop all the limitations and bottlenecks of legacy architecture and infrastructure.
– Managed DevOps services cost much less, as compared to an in-house team, as you don’t have to pay their wages once the project ends.


Aelius Venture Provides the Following Services as a Part of Managed DevOps Transformation:

– Infrastructure audit and data security check
– Choosing the best fit among the cloud services and migrating to it
– Deploying the CI/CD pipelines to automate the value delivery chain
– Build your new product architecture with scalability and high availability in mind

What Do You Get?

– Cloud deployment — we ensure optimal resource usage by deploying your software to public or on-prem cloud services
– CI/CD — we provide top-notch continuous integration and continuous delivery services to ensure stable software performance and ongoing improvement.
– Automated workflow — we automate as much workflow as possible to ensure precise resource allocation to mission-critical processes (like fulfilling the customer requests), instead of doing the routine manual tasks.
– Best practices — we implement DevOps best practices to help your team master the new tooling faster and use it to the fullest extent.
– Culture — we help introduce and nourish the required culture of collaboration, which facilitates the ongoing effort to improve your company’s business DNA.

Cloud Transition

Move your business from legacy infrastructure to the cloud or swap the cloud provider with ease!

When the time comes to move away from legacy infrastructure and enjoy all the benefits of the cloud, there are many ways to choose from:

– Lift-and-shift your product to the public cloud to enjoy its built-in scalability and performance
– Rebuild your product to become cloud-native in a private cloud
– Launch your on-prem cloud to ensure maximum security and availability while still using the scalability of the cloud
– If you decide to utilize another set of cloud features, a transition to a different cloud provider is possible.

To do it seamlessly, your infrastructure must be cloud-agnostic and able to work equally well with any cloud service provider. We make it possible by using the following tools:

– Terraform for creating flexible manifests for Infrastructure as Code provisioning
– Kubernetes for building highly performant and manageable clusters
– Ansible for automating various aspects of software delivery
– Jenkins to enable the CI/CD pipelines and deployment automation CI/CD pipelines
– Shorten the time-to-market and development expenses by establishing automated CI/CD software delivery pipelines!


CI/CD stands for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery of code. This means each developer commits their code to the shared GitHub project branch to ensure integrity and stability of the product functionality — and all the processes of server provisioning and configuration for the needs of the building, testing, staging, and deploying the new code are automated. This approach yields multiple benefits:

– Time & cost savings. The developers do not have to wait for Ops engineers to provision and configure new server environments. They simply use the ready scripts and manifests for that and can work on the code without interruptions and bottlenecks — and without wasting your resources.

– Error-proofing. As the infrastructure provisioning and configuration processes are scripted, the room for human error is absent. This excludes the “works on my machine” situations, as all developers work in the same environments.

– Variety of applications. Scripting the operations and performing them by automated toolchains (pipelines) simplifies all aspects of the software lifecycle, including new feature testing, deployment, and maintenance in production.

CI/CD pipelines can be enabled for literally every aspect of IT operations aside from writing and testing the new code:

– Monitoring. Toolchains like Prometheus+Grafana+Zabbix enable smart system monitoring with informative dashboards and alerting to the messengers of your choice.

The other alternative is using Icinga+Nagios+Datadog to achieve nearly the same functionality.

– Logging. We deploy ELK stack (ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana) in conjunction with Splunk, Sumologic, or FluentD to ensure detailed and in-depth logging and processing of your machine-generated data.

– Alerting. Instead of plain incident notifications, your team can receive alerts containing detailed reports with screenshots, which highlight the roots of the problem and suggest the solution.


IT Infrastructure Optimization

We help optimize the existing infrastructure to improve its performance and reduce spending.

When the IT infrastructure is established, the main requirement for it is just to work. However, as time goes by and the infrastructure grows, the question of its efficiency becomes supreme. We provide IT infrastructure optimization to help remove the bottlenecks, optimize the performance, and reduce the time and money expenses on IT operations:

Legacy infrastructure optimization. We help solve the most daunting problem of every long-standing business — the legacy infrastructure. We assess the existing state of your systems, workflows, and requirements. We later issue practical recommendations and step-by-step guidelines for improving the infrastructure. We can also accomplish the process ourselves or help move from the legacy on-prem servers to the cloud for DevOps Transformation Services.

Cloud infrastructure design and implementation. While cloud services are scalable by nature, they often come with a variety of additional services and features bundled in packages DevOps Transformation Services .

Some of these features might not be necessary for your project, so paying for them is not needed. We help design and implement the lean and efficient cloud infrastructure, so you pay only for the services your project needs.

Splitting the monolith to microservices. There are multiple cases when splitting the monolith product into a bunch of microservices helps improve its performance dramatically. We help devise and perform such transformation, supply the required infrastructure and establish the workflows to support high-availability environments for your products.

Backup/restore automation. Performing comprehensive database backups or restoring the data on the fly is a complicated task. We have ample experience with such processes and can establish automated database backups using Terraform, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Ansible, and other DevOps tools. Aelius Venture has been and will be a pro at this!

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