Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery Services

Aelius Venture provides continuous integration services for 7+ years as a part of IT outsourcing projects for UK companies since 2014. Our dedicated teams can help you get the most of AWS continuous integration features or open-source Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery Services .


Continuous Integration Services from Aelius Venture — We Help Deploy Your Application Several Times a Day!

Modern software development must make sure the source code is delivered to the production environment as often as possible and released without any issues. Aelius Venture helps implement continuous integration and continuous delivery practices for your company to enable your developers to deploy your application and add new features with minimal time and effort spent.

Aelius Venture Provides Continuous Integration-as-a-Service for Business

The main benefit of providing managed continuous integration services for business is the shortening of time-to-market for your code changes and new features, as well as cost reduction on the source code build process. Due to enabling an automated build process and automated unit tests, each code commit to the version control system can essentially become a new release!

AWS Continuous Integration from Aelius Venture

Amazon Web Services provide a huge variety of cloud-based services and products for software development and infrastructure provisioning and management. AWS CodePipeline is a proprietary solution from Amazon enabling continuous integration of source code to any version control system and deployment to any cloud infrastructure, be it Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3 or Google Storage and Google Computing Engine, or any other cloud service provider. The only thing needed is the correct configuration to avoid overpayment and ensure stable performance, and this is where Aelius Venture comes to your help!

Building Bespoke CI/CD Services for Projects of Any Scale

Software development is not the only domain where CI/CD workflows can be of use. Managing the production environments, backups and restoration of data, monitoring, logging, and alerting the Ops engineers on issues, building the prerequisites for Big Data analytics, and implementation of AI/ML models for enabling self-healing infrastructure — all of these areas can yield substantial benefits to the business if they are done right. Aelius Venture helps companies and organizations of any size automate and improve their IT operations through CI/CD services.

Aelius Venture Helps Build Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment Pipelines for Your Business

The reduction of expenses of all kinds is the main reason for IT outsourcing, and this is best illustrated by the situation with the implementation of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery practices and automating major chunks of the software development process.

What do we mean when we talk about Continuous Integration as a service? It means that throughout more than 7 years of providing software development services we have met various situations related to it and have designed our internal solutions and workflows that guarantee timely completion of source code delivery. We understand all the challenges and bottlenecks of the process and have ready-made solutions for each situation — and we can apply them to your project to ensure shorter time-to-market and reduced operational expenses. We are a pro at this!

We Assist With the Following Stages of the Software Delivery Life Cycle:

The automated build of source code. Every time the developer finishes writing the code for a new feature, the new batch must run a bunch of automated unit tests and integration tests. This can be done manually on a local IDE, and can be executed according to an individual path every time — or it can be done by entering a single command and launching a preconfigured CI/CD pipeline on a remote continuous integration server.

Continuous merging of new code branches to the main trunk. One of the worst nightmares of software development is merging separate branches to the central code repository after a long time in a separate development. This usually results in huge integrity conflicts after these branches are merged. By merging new code batches fast and often, continuously and automatically, the company can significantly reduce the risk of major bugs making their way to production.

Automated delivery of testing environments. There are two ways to test the software — keep the testing servers running at all times just in case, or shut them down and reconfigure once they are needed. The first approach allows minimizing the setup time but results in big expenses. The second method was rarely used as it takes a long time to configure the testing environment anew for each new code build.

CI/CD pipelines help automate the configuration and minimize the time and effort required to provision the virtual test server needed for your development team. The needed runtime can be stored in the form of Docker images and the correct version of the environment can be launched in seconds using simple version control. This helps cut the OPEX significantly.

Automated deployment of new code batches to staging servers and production. Once the new product version passes the initial testing, it must be deployed to a Canary environment or a staging server, where it must be tested for user acceptance and backward compatibility, ensuring it will not break anything in production.

To do this, the staging server must be identical to the production environment, which means it must be constantly updated to match the latest version of your software. In addition, if several product versions are in use at once, there must be multiple staging servers mirroring the conditions of production environments. Keeping track of this mess manually is close to impossible, so CI/CD is essential in automating such deployments and ensuring continuous delivery of new software releases to production.

Automated infrastructure management and monitoring. The code lifecycle does not end after it is pushed to the staging servers. If the acceptance testing succeeds, the software must be pushed to production without any interruption of end-user experience. Continuous Deployment enables this through rolling updates and automated backups and restoration of data in production environments. Various aspects of online operations can also be automated, like scaling up and down, assuming the role of master between database replicas, monitoring, alerting, and logging the systems, etc. Automating these routine operations helps free up lots of Ops engineer’s time, allowing them to dedicate more efforts to improve their operational performance.

To wrap it up, implementing the CI/CD best practices and workflows allows automating the repetitive actions, which helps save a ton of time, effort, and, most importantly, money. It shortens the time to market for your products and new features, thus increasing customer loyalty, as the continuous integration of their feedback results in new features sooner and improves their end-user experience.


How Aelius Venture Implements Continuous Integration Services

Aelius Venture has ample experience with designing and implementing CI/CD services for all stages of the software development life cycle, from the initial Proof of Concept development and up to product release, scaling to enterprise, and managing complex multi-cloud infrastructures. Below is the approximate workflow the Aelius Venture DevOps team uses to configure the CI/CD pipelines for our customers.

Infrastructure audit and operational assessment. Our specialists consult with your business stakeholders, Ops engineers, and developers to assess the existing state of infrastructure. We also examine the existing developer documentation to form a holistic view of the infrastructure, tools, and workflows in place. This helps us draw a complete map of the customer’s IT systems and highlight the bottlenecks and the room for improvement.

Design and implementation of solutions for bottlenecks. Once the map of infrastructure and workflows is complete, we will define the operational bottlenecks that can hinder the growth and improvement of your company’s infrastructure in the future. Once these are defined, our DevOps engineers devise the solutions for these bottlenecks and implement them to ensure the ease of scalability and management for your systems.


Implementing the Infrastructure as Code principle. The prerequisite for implementing the Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment pipelines is enabling the Infrastructure as Code paradigm, where all the parameters and settings for each software development environment are codified in the form of Terraform and Kubernetes manifests. Due to this approach, all the environments are provisioned automatically — from IDE to production — and all are identical, so there never is a “works well on my computer” situation.

Implementing the CI and CI pipelines. We configure the tools like Jenkins, Ansible, Circle CI, Gitlab CI, and AWS CodePipeline to enable the sequences of operations, where the output of the previous stage becomes the input for the next stage. Thus said, every developer can launch the CI/CD pipeline with a single source code commit to a version control system, and if the automated tests are successful — the new product release is delivered to end-users without any downtime!

Implementing Continuous Delivery in infrastructure management. Monitoring the software in production forms up to 50% of the daily tasks of your IT department, and automating most of these processes helps free up significant resources and transform endless putting out the fires into productive and creative work on infrastructure improvement and optimization Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery Services .


Aelius Venture — Your Reliable Partner for CI Services!

To wrap it up — Aelius Venture is a reliable Managed Services provider with more than 5 years of delivering end-to-end DevOps services and enabling Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery for our customers. We can help you automate the way you build, test and deploy your applications and ensure cost-efficient and performant IT infrastructure management for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery Services.

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