Google Cloud Migration Services

Many UK businesses seek cloud migration services and Aelius Venture provides dedicated teams exactly for this task. We are experts in cloud computing migration and have successfully helped more than 40 companies move from legacy infrastructure to the cloud with our Google Cloud Migration Services .


We Assist Your Business With Migration to Google Cloud Platform

Every business can list different reasons for moving to Google Cloud Platform, from long-term discounts and per-millisecond billing to deep integration with Kubernetes, Google Big Query, Google App Engine, Google AI, and other Google cloud functions. Aelius Venture understands all of these advantages and helps businesses reach their objectives by using the GCP cloud platform functionality to the fullest extent.

Reliable Google Cloud Migration Services

If you want to migrate your IT operations and workloads to the Google Cloud Platform, Aelius Venture can provide the required cloud services. This is one of the fields of our expertise and we can help businesses of all sizes migrate their infrastructure to GCP from legacy infrastructure or any other cloud provider. We will help you increase the efficiency of your cloud operations while cutting costs and increasing the product delivery speed.

Enabling Firebase Cloud Messaging

Google Firebase cloud messaging is a convenient tool for cross-platform mobile app development, allowing exchanging messages between various operating systems (Windows, Mac, and Others) and delivering end-to-end customer experiences. Aelius Venture has in-depth experience with provisioning, configuring, and managing Google Firebase services for our customers.

Managed Google Cloud Migration Services from Aelius Venture

There are reasons behind every business decision, including the decision to migrate to Google Cloud Platform. For some, it might be the needed to access the immense app development capabilities of Google App Engine; some might need to use the Google BigQuery features; many would benefit from working with Google Kubernetes Engine and everyone would definitely save lots of money due to per-millisecond PAYG billing model and long-term-use discounts. Whichever of the multiple Google Cloud services you need, migration to Google Cloud Platform will be very useful for your business. We have done close to 50+ projects in this technology at least!

However, this is not a step to be taken lightly, as it requires detailed planning, an in-depth understanding of all the nooks and crannies of Google cloud services, and decent experience with cloud migration, in order to be performed correctly. Aelius Venture has the said experience and can help you migrate without major issues while removing operational bottlenecks that hindered your business performance and growth.

There are other variants of migration to Google Cloud, of course. First of all, you might try to hire talent with the required expertise in-house. However, this path involves all the risks and dangers of any other recruitment: it can take a lot of time, the skills of the candidate might not be sufficient for the job and they can quit mid-process. In addition, should you need to form a team to move a large-scope infrastructure, the risks grow exponentially — not to mention you will have to pay them or fire them once the project is completed and the bulk of work is done.

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You can contact the customer support engineers of Google Cloud Platform directly. They will be able to build a good infrastructure for your project and help migrate the existing databases, apps, workflows, and files to Google cloud storage, and help you build CI/CD pipelines to improve your business agility and performance. The drawback here is that such systems will most likely be constructed using Google Cloud services and products like Cloud Firestore or Google Firebase Realtime Database and other vendor-specific tools. Thus said, these are excellent instruments and tools, but a cloud migration from Google to any other platform is nearly impossible, as using these tools guarantees the vendor lock-in.

Thus said, hiring an IT outsourcing company to migrate your infrastructure and databases to Google Cloud Platform can be the optimal solution. Managed Google Services Providers like Aelius Venture field fully-packed teams with rich firsthand experience in cloud migrations and polished workflows to ensure timely and cost-effective completion of your migration project.

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Why Working With Aelius Venture is the Best Solution for Cloud Migration?

We are an IT outsourcing company that specializes in providing cost-effective end-to-end solutions to our customers since 2014. We are not concentrating on accomplishing the projects most quickly — we try to do them most efficiently. Thus said, we prefer to use open-source DevOps tools like Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes, and Ansible as glue and backbone for our customer’s infrastructure and workflows. This way we minimize the subscription fees and avoid vendor lock-in, thus ensuring a cloud-agnostic approach to value delivery, so you can easily adapt the products to market conditions and migrate to another platform if need be. We have been consistent since the day we started in 2014.

Our team is composed of highly skilled DevOps engineers with 5+ years of expertise in delivering various DevOps services, including the transition to the cloud from the legacy infrastructure and migrations between various cloud platforms. In addition, we have deep hands-on expertise with various Google Cloud services, including Google Firebase and Google App Engine, so we can build a cost-efficient and resilient public cloud infrastructure for iOS, Android, Windows mobile app development, and web app development for any kinds of tasks.


We Help Use Google Firebase Cloud Messaging Right

Google Firebase cloud messaging platform is a powerful tool for developing cross-platform apps. However, it is a complex instrument that should be configured correctly to provide maximum ROI. Certain prerequisites have to be accomplished before turning your server and client-side applications into an existing Firebase project, not to mention a disaster recovery strategy that must be in place to minimize the app development risks.

For example, you need to configure a unique package name for every executable and JSON file, regardless if you choose the monorepo or separate repository structure. Besides, while extensive developer documentation is available, many Google Firebase users configure the infrastructure incorrectly as they do not know of the peculiarities that become apparent only in the later stages of development.

Thus said, Aelius Venture has a profound knowledge of all the nooks and crannies of software development using Google Cloud Messaging or GCM. Whether you need to improve an existing GCM project or need to start the work from scratch — Aelius Venture is ready to assist! We know we will be strong together. Just get in touch!

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