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Big Data services are one of the most important areas of the IT outsourcing industry. Aelius Venture houses dedicated teams of massive data experts with 7+ years of experience in implementing big data technologies for UK companies.


Aelius Venture – a Reliable Big Data consulting firm

Every company generates Big Data over the course of its IT operations or processes it as a neighborhood of their normal interactions with their customers. Big Data experts from Aelius Venture can assist you to implement real-time data analysis and switch your flow of unstructured data into a goldmine of data for further decision-making. Such prescriptive analytics will assist you to maximize revenues, minimize expenses and gain a solid competitive edge over your competition.

Every cloud service provider has features and products aimed toward working with Big Data and monitoring your production environments to offer you in-depth business intelligence on the systems you run. AWS Kinesis, Lambda, and DynamoDB from Amazon Web Services (AWS); Google Big Query, Dataproc and Dataflow from Google Cloud; Azure Databricks, Azure Stream Analytics, and Power BI embedded from Azure — all of those, and far more services allow complex and efficient Big Data solutions for your business.

The main advantage of such cooperation is that the guarantee that your analytical system is going to be delivered on time and under budget. it’ll even be travel by professionals, therefore the risk of human-originated errors is minimal.

The downside to the present is strictly an equivalent like all the opposite cloud-based services — you comply with vendor lock-in and just in case you ever want to maneuver to a different cloud platform, you’ll need to spend much time, money, and energy to accomplish the transition process successfully.

Finding top-notch Big Data experts is often quite a challenge, as these specialists are rarely unemployed and freely available. Aelius Venture has attracted and retained a solid team of massive Data specialists with ample experience and in-depth understanding of massive Data analytics and best practices of massive Data management. we’ll be glad to help you in leading your project to success using the newest and most reliable Big Data tools for business analytics.

Aelius Venture has handled web scraping and data processing, Optical Character Recognition, and Deep Neural Networks, Machine Learning and textual processing, chatbots, and encoding among many other tasks. Aelius Venture has gained significant expertise with various Big Data technologies, both building cloud infrastructures for them and writing the algorithms required. We are able to help your company leverage various Big Data, ML, and AI technologies to reinforce your products with profitable end-to-end Big Data solutions.

Big Data Services from Aelius Venture

Big Data services are essential for any business that desires to urge the foremost out of their investments. Big Data analytics helps organize and visualize real-time patterns present in your machine-generated data like reports, system logs, and CRM records. This data may be a goldmine of data hiding multiple actionable insights that your business can use to attenuate spending, pursue profit opportunities and improve your workflows. How can this be done?

Big Data technologies use a good range of Apache products like Apache Spark, Cassandra, Storm, Hadoop, et al. . Big Data architects work with tools like Tableau, D3.js, and JuPyteR Notebook to see the results of the analysis performed by Machine Learning models and AI algorithms. There are multiple methodologies used for training ML models, like Deep Neural Networks (DNNs), Naive Bayesian algorithms, Decision Forests, and a number of other dozen more pieces of ML & AI technology that will monitor and analyze your data in real-time.

There are three main approaches to putting together data analytics solutions using Big Data technologies. a corporation might subscribe to Big Data analytics solutions from cloud computing providers, might attempt to attract Big Data architects to their in-house team, or attempt to work by outsourcing Big Data projects to a reliable Big Data consulting firm. All variants are viable and below we explain the advantages and shortcomings of every approach.

Hiring Big Data Engineers in-house

The most important advantage of building an enormous Data team in-house is that you simply accumulate the expertise within your company. Therefore, once these IT engineers solve the problems for your company, you’ll provide Big Data analytics-as-a-Service to other businesses. However, this approach has multiple underwater reefs, a bit like the other hiring process. First-class Big Data analysts and Machine Learning specialists aren’t easy to return by.

Thus said, you’ll need to spend tons of your time, money, and energy on finding, hiring, and onboarding very costly specialists. All this point your Big Data analytics project is on standby, and if any of the crucial team members quit — your project is just about doomed.

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Outsourcing Big Data projects to an enormous Data analytics company

There are multiple Big Data services companies around the planet. They concentrate on designing, building, and maintenance of bespoke Big Data solutions for businesses of all sizes. Their level of experience is on the brink of the one the cloud service providers’ IT staff possess, yet they charge much less. The main shortcoming of working with them is that the teams build the solutions they’re comfortable with, not necessarily the simplest ones for your needs. Besides, these companies have huge expertise with building and running Big Data services, yet they often lack experience with building the underlying IT infrastructure to assist the systems. This might end in unexpected performance drops or bottlenecks which will hamper the efficiency of your business analytics.

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Working with a Managed Services Provider

Thus said, the optimal solution for building an enormous Data analytics solution is by partnering with an IT outsourcing company, a Managed Services Provider, or MSP. Why can we think so?

MSPs are the info services companies that provide the complete range of IT consulting and software development services:

-Web and application development
-Cloud infrastructure design, implementation, and optimization
-Application containerization and cloud workloads management
-Design and implementation of knowledge management and analysis
-Training ML modules and AI algorithms for real-time Big Data analytics support
-Running predictive analytiсs to create self-healing infrastructure

Below we describe each step in additional detail and highlight the advantages for your business.

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Web and application development

First things first — you would like a product or a service to get some data (and income!) do you have to want some great features added to your product — we will provide them or help build your product from scratch.

Cloud infrastructure design, implementation, and optimization

If you probably did not release your product to the cloud directly, you would possibly get to redesign its infrastructure once you start to scale. albeit you run cloud-based infrastructure from the beginning, it’d prove inadequate with time thanks to updated workload patterns. Aelius Venture can either design and implement the cloud infrastructure from scratch or assess the prevailing system and redesign it to get rid of bottlenecks and improve resilience to high workloads.

Application containerization and cloud workloads management

There are multiple reasons for app containerization, performance, and resource efficiency in real software life. However, containerized apps demand specific workflows and infrastructure, namely Terraform and Kubernetes clusters, Jenkins and Ansible CI/CD pipelines, ELK stack monitoring for example. Aelius Venture has ample experience with configuring these tools to make sure the stable functioning of your cloud infrastructure and cloud workloads.

Design and implementation of knowledge management and analysis

Once your cloud infrastructure goes live servers, begin to accumulate troves of machine-generated data, from CRM records to server logs. you would like Big Data experts to properly organize the data flow and build an efficient data analysis process. Hiring a ready team with polished processes is that the best thanks to saving money and time, and getting the simplest ROI.

Training Machine Learning models and Artificial Intelligence algorithms for real-time Big Data analytics

Big Data analysis is performed by Machine Learning models that are trained on historical data to seek out to find patterns and predict the results of operations within the future. These models require supervised or unsupervised learning, also as reinforced learning to maximize the accuracy of predictions. Choosing the foremost suitable model and training it correctly is what Big Data experts are needed for.

Running predictive analytiсs to create self-healing infrastructure

Once the models are trained and deployed to your production environments, they start collecting data and issuing recommendations to enhance the outcomes. for instance, when an ML model recognizes the spike in CPU usage, it issues a warning to extend the number of CPU cores available to affect the demand.Once the spike is gone, the module shuts down the spare CPU power. In this manner your AI algorithms can affect all the routine and repetitive infrastructure management tasks, using such predictive analytics to make a self-healing IT infrastructure.

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