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Google Cloud Platform is a very popular cloud destination for companies in the UK and worldwide. Aelius Venture is a reliable IT outsourcing company that provides skilled dedicated teams and delivers top-notch Google business cloud services and Google Cloud Computing Services.

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Managed Google Cloud Services from Aelius Venture

Google Cloud Platform is one of the most popular cloud providers worldwide and a worthy competitor to Amazon Web Services. It provides a wide range of public cloud computing services, as well as Big Data analytics and Machine Learning tools. However mastering them on your own can take a long time, and this is where Google cloud services consulting can come in handy. Aelius Venture is ready to assist you in getting the most out of your GCP investments.

Building Cloud Infrastructure & Workflows on the Google Cloud Platform

Aelius Venture team has more than 7 years of experience with building cost-efficient and resilient cloud infrastructures on the GCP platform. We have ample experience with Google Cloud Storage, Google Kubernetes Engine, Google App Engine, Google Bigquery, and other Google cloud services. We can deliver end-to-end solutions for startups and SMEs alike, develop products of any scope and help businesses manage their cloud infrastructure and workflows cost-efficiently and reliably.

Google Cloud Services Consulting & Optimization

Many businesses try to build their GCP cloud infrastructure on their own, using Google customer support service and an extensive knowledge base that covers all aspects of cloud operations with Google Cloud Platform. However, the devil is in the details, and such experiments are rarely cost-efficient, scale well or perform to their full potential. Aelius Venture delivers an in-depth assessment of the existing cloud infrastructure and offers the security and performance audit, highlights the existing bottlenecks and solutions for them, as well as helps optimize the potential of any room for growth in your systems and processes.

Aelius Venture — Reliable GCP Management Services for Your Business

Google Cloud Platform is one of the three most popular cloud providers worldwide, along with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. This platform is the original developer of Kubernetes, the most popular configuration management tool for Docker containers, and while Kubernetes became open-source now, GCP remains one of its key developers.

Google Cloud Platform is one of the most dynamically growing cloud providers, due for a variety of reasons. The most essential of these reasons are the billing scheme and the range of services and products. Firstly, all Google cloud services are billed per millisecond, making them much more cost-efficient, as compared to Amazon Web Services, for example, when you might use the instance for 17 minutes but pay for the whole hour. Secondly, cloud services like Google App Engine and Google Kubernetes Engine provide convenient tools for software development and cloud infrastructure management for startups, so many small-to-medium businesses host their IT operations with Google and are quite satisfied.

However, GCP does have quite a steep learning curve, and incorrect system settings might lead to suboptimal app performance or excessive bills, and nobody wants such an outcome. Thus said, there are three major approaches to managing your cloud infrastructure with GCP:

– hiring Google support engineers to do the job,
– doing everything yourself or using the in-house expertise with the help of extensive Google Cloud knowledgebase
– hiring a DevOps team from a Managed Services Provider, like Aelius Venture.

Let’s Take a Closer Look at These Options

One can hire Google support engineers by opting for managed services from Google. You just express the results you want to achieve and they implement the required infrastructure and workflows. The downside to this approach is that Google software engineers will use vendor-specific tools and services to build your infrastructure, unless you specifically tell them not to do it, and what open-source alternatives to use instead. In addition, many Google cloud services were developed to work in tandem with other Google offers, but these might not be needed for your project. This way you risk end up paying for the services you don’t need.

To avoid this situation, you need to have a decent understanding of all the attributes, parameters, and dependencies of Google Cloud services, either yourself or through some talent at your team. If you have such expertise — great for you, you can use GCP freely! But if you don’t have this knowledge yet, you will need to invest time and resources while you or your software engineers master these GCP services. This is not acceptable when you need to launch a project quickly.

This is why many startups that don’t have the required Google Cloud expertise at hand and don’t want to pay for Google services don’t necessarily need to opt for hiring Managed Services Providers like Aelius Venture. Teams like ours have ample experience working on multiple aspects of various projects on Google cloud infrastructure. We have an in-depth understanding of what components are crucial for your specific project, and what can be safely replaced with open-source alternatives to save your money without any compromise on quality.


Cloud Infrastructure & Workflows for Your Projects

Google Cloud Platform provides a wide range of services for software development and cloud infrastructure management.

You will be able to:

– develop your product using Google App Engine,
– run the cloud infrastructure using Google Kubernetes Engine,
– store your files in Google Cloud Storage,
– store the data in Google Cloud SQL,
– process it using Google Bigquery,
– run serverless computing using Google Functions and do many more with various other GCP services.

The catch is that these services are meant to collaborate, and as they are vendor-specific, you pay a subscription fee for them. In addition, they need a precise configuration to operate at their full potential, so you don’t overpay for the features you don’t use.

This is where Aelius Venture can help, as we have an in-depth understanding of various aspects and interdependencies between Google cloud services. We can design and configure the infrastructure your project needs, using exactly the tools and GCP services required. Most importantly, we understand what platform-specific services can be safely and cost-efficiently replaced with open-source cloud-based alternatives. This way we can help you get the most out of your Google Cloud investments.


Optimizing Your Experience With Google Cloud Services

Many businesses prefer to build their cloud infrastructure and processes to the best extent of their understanding. Quite often this results in infrastructures with suboptimal performance, to say the least. When it becomes obvious that such systems cannot support your business growth any longer, a company must consider optimizing their infrastructure and workflows to ensure maximum efficiency of their investments in Google cloud services.

Aelius Venture has ample experience with providing Google cloud platform consulting and optimization. Here is what the process looks like for our customers, once the preliminary negotiations are complete and the project contract is signed:

Performing a technical call to highlight the required operations and improvements.

TARGET: Creating a roadmap and milestones for cooperation, setting the project goals, selecting the technology stack for reaching the goals.

In-depth analysis of the cloud infrastructure, software tools, and workflows in use in your company. This is done through gathering input from your business stakeholders, exploring the available documentation, and collaborating with your software engineers.

TARGET: Making an extensive map of the existing infrastructure and establishing a workflow continuity between our team and the customer.

Highlighting the performance bottlenecks and room for growth in the existing systems. Proposing the variants of solutions for these issues.

TARGET: Creating a roadmap for improvements.

Implementing the solutions we proposed, as a pilot project. Reconfiguring GCP services to ensure maximum productivity and cost-efficiency for your project needs.
TARGET: Implementing the proposed solutions to ensure optimal infrastructure performance for the main project.

Performing your main project and achieving the project goals according to the roadmap.

TARGET: Delivering the results described in the contract.

Providing ongoing project support, if needed.

Thus said, through a wide range of accomplished projects, we can quickly determine and propose the best way to optimize your existing Google cloud infrastructure and deliver the expected project results.

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Final Thoughts on Managed Google Cloud Services from Aelius Venture

As you can see, Aelius Venture can provide the whole range of IT services a startup would expect when dealing with GCP. We can help create Google cloud infrastructure from scratch or improve the existing systems and workflows to ensure your next IT project is successful Google Cloud Computing Services.

Aelius Venture fields a team of seasoned professionals in various domains, from the full-stack web app development, QA automation, and DevOps services, all the way up to Big Data analytics implementation, serverless computing configuration, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence algorithm training, etc. We deliver end-to-end cloud infrastructure solutions, system configuration, and optimization, building Big Data analytics, developing self-healing infrastructures, etc. We help businesses small and large use Google Cloud Platform cost-efficiently and deliver maximum value to their customers Google Cloud Computing Services.

Our worth is proven by multiple accolades and positive customer reviews, more than 50 accomplished DevOps projects in 7 years, and the fact that more than 80% of our customers come to us through recommendations from previous clients — we are trustworthy providers of managed Google Cloud consulting services. Should you want us to assist with your next project — contact us right away, we are always glad to help businesses succeed for Google Cloud Computing Services!

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