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We believe great ideas deserve great implementation. We ensure this by delivering stability, reliability, and cost-efficiency of DevOps Services to companies and organizations within the UK and globally. We field dedicated teams expertly in IT outsourcing also as in DevOps as a service since 2014.

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DevOps Outsourcing — Swift Access to Top-Notch Application Delivery Processes

Every company understands the necessity for continuous delivery of the latest code and features for his or her products, also as the security and compliance of this process. Aelius Venture is one among the DevOps teams that enable this by using the simplest DevOps practices, cloud features, and innovative tools to style, implement and manage cost-efficient cloud infrastructure alongside continuous integration and automation of workflows.

Cloud-Based Software Development

Reducing time-to-market for your new product features is important for long-term business success. Cloud-based DevOps tools help create software development predictably and reliable. Continuous delivery workflows and best practices of DevOps shorten the time-to-market for brand spanking new product features and increase the reliability and performance of your IT infrastructure. Outsourcing this task to an experienced team ensures you get instant access to highly skilled professionals and prepared solutions supported by multiple successfully finished projects.

IT Infrastructure Implementation & Optimization

Every business builds the IT infrastructure they use to support their knowledge, best judgment, budget, and technology at hand. With time, better and less expensive solutions appear or experienced DevOps team services might become available. Thus said, IT infrastructure optimization may be a step every company must make every so often, to make sure their systems are up-to-date and therefore the resources are allocated within the most cost-efficient way.

Dedicated IT Infrastructure Management

There are constant changes and additions to the list of DevOps tools, trends, and best practices. Keeping an eye fixed on all the newest advances requires dedicating much time and energy, therefore the businesses are content with hiring dedicated DevOps teams to implement the newest best practices of cloud infrastructure management. Aelius Venture has ample experience with optimizing and running all types of It infrastructure — from bare-metal servers to cloud-based systems.

DevOps Services Provider Aelius Venture

Aelius Venture may be a Managed Services Provider and delivering DevOps-as-a-Service is one of our core areas of experience. We roll in the hay for quite 7 years since 2014 and have accomplished quite 60 projects centered on managed DevOps workflows and remote DevOps consulting services. We work with startups, small-to-medium enterprises, and Fortune 500 companies who need a dedicated DevOps team and group of people to perform cloud-based infrastructure optimization. Here is how we roll in the hay.

This is the way these DevOps services will help your business.

Cloud Infrastructure Design & Implementation

Quite possibly the foremost mainstream demand for DevOps organizations is to plan and implement a cloud foundation. Everyone can make an AWS, Google Cloud, or MS Azure record and request a couple of help bundles they think fitting to use for his or her product, obviously.

Notwithstanding, it very often seems that in any event half said bundles are underused or essentially unnecessary. this is often the rationale private ventures discover they overpay for cloud facilitating a substantial amount, and need IT framework optimization to eliminate bottlenecks and guarantee cost-effective spending on your IT activities.

This is the rationale the simplest thanks to affecting building cloud foundation is confiding within the assignment to a dependable DevOps organization that realizes which cloud services you would like to run your product and which of them are often securely replaced with free open-source tools.

Building Bespoke Cloud Logging & Monitoring Solutions for DevOps Services

Cloud logging and checking are fundamental to ensure your frameworks work with top proficiency. Each cloud specialist co-op has some cloud observing component among the wide scope of their services, so you’ll arrange cloud checking instruments like AWS Cloudtrail or Google Stackdriver, or Azure Monitor yourself. the difficulty with these is like within the past point — they work best with a bunch of another Cloud Specialist Provider (CSP) devices you almost certainly won’t require and are difficult to style accurately from the start.

The standard arrangement is to rearrange cloud monitoring as help from the very platform that provides the rest of your cloud infrastructure — yet this is not the foremost savvy approach. the foremost ideal approach to reach genuine cloud observing proficiency is to assemble a bespoke cloud logging and checking arrangement using free and open-source instruments like ELK stack, Splunk, SumoLogic, Prometheus+Grafana, Datadog, and others. Aelius Venture has sufficient experience building such bespoke cloud monitoring solutions for organizations, all things considered, from exciting new companies to worldwide ventures.

Support for Software Development & Operations for DevOps Services

Regardless of whether you’ve got a good group of designers available to you, guaranteeing the software delivery process is smooth and effective requires exceptional add favor of Ops engineers. Engineers can normally launch and configure their own IDEs easily, yet to offer consistency and consistency of software development, these conditions are best provisioned using predefined setups put away in Terraform manifests

This way all colleagues compose, assemble, test, and submit their code clusters in identical conditions, guaranteeing fewer bugs, solid work processes, and a speedier opportunity to showcase for your project. This guarantees software development progression, security, and consistency.

Another significant piece of this assistance is guaranteeing the progression of activities underway through building software delivery CI/CD pipelines, moving updates schedules, automated backup and reestablish work processes, catastrophe recuperation situations, logs following, and analysis features, then forth Aelius Venture offers these sorts of assistance for quite 7 years and may guarantee unwavering quality and ideal conveyance of such services.

DevOps Outsourcing for Projects of Various Scale

While numerous organizations comprehend they have DevOps designers to ensure smooth software delivery and operations, few approach such gifts in their current IT staff. Great DevOps engineers are rare and nobody must the chance to recruit normal experts to affect the foremost essential piece of their business. the opposite disadvantage is that when the underlying arrangement is completed, paying for an upscale DevOps ability is not the best methodology.

The most ideal decision is employing a team from a DevOps outsourcing organization to try to do the work and instruct your in-house engineers to stay up the framework and alter it if the necessity be. In this manner, you pay only for the services conveyed and maximize your venture. you use high-level DevOps gifts to convey your project and do not get to pay them a brief time later.


IT Infrastructure Optimization & Configuration Management

As referenced above, wrong cloud infrastructure composition and setup are one of the principal reasons hampering the growth and scaling of your business. The inadequately planned design of your cloud foundation can cause unreasonable spending that will not improve your software delivery process’s unwavering quality and speed.

Aelius Venture has effectively achieved a good assortment of IT framework optimization projects. We help organizations of all sizes design and affect their cloud foundation in the most expense-proficient way. We use Terraform and Kubernetes shows to line up and oversee blunder verification work processes and store your framework designs in effectively formed records.


Cloud Transition & Migration Between Clouds

Most new companies begin to build up their item on own PCs or lease dedicated servers. Be that because it may, as item improvement proceeds, such framework gets insufficient to assist the continual expansion in jobs. The equivalent is valid for more settled organizations, who have a few years of interest in the inheritance framework behind their backs and face the necessity to maneuver to the cloud to satisfy the developing needs for adaptability and unwavering quality.

This is the businesses large and small look towards the reach the cloud. This assists them with dropping the obsolete servers, perform the foremost recent tech and DevOps best practices, execute DevOps culture and improve their business work processes. Likewise, once in a while, the business understands the present cloud foundation isn’t great and you would like to maneuver to a different cloud platform. This relocation between mists assists you with keeping far away from seller lock-in and assemble a genuinely strong multi-cloud framework or move from public to a mix of private cloud totally.

Aelius Venture has rich experience in changing the client’s framework from the inheritance frameworks to the cloud or building cloud-freethinker foundations — like using Amazon Web Services S3 stockpiling with Fargate oversaw Kubernetes Services and Google Big Query. do you have to need such kind of DevOps Services — we’ll be happy to oblige!

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Teaching Your Dev & Ops to Use DevOps Best Practices for The Project

We momentarily referenced before the necessity to instruct the Dev and Ops designers to cooperate and shape genuine DevOps teams. due to the way that the Devs and Ops have distinctive ranges of abilities and responsibility silos, they as a rule follow the “toss it over the divider to be another person’s concern” schedule.

An interesting inverse, DevOps teams are made out of programmers who have a profound comprehension of the standards and methods for using Infrastructure as Code (IaC), and giving Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), in order that they know precisely what’s required on each phase of the software development lifecycle, and the way to offer it best.

DevOps Transformation

When the business chooses to use the foremost recent tech and best practices to enhance its business proficiency and accelerate development, it must undergo a DevOps transformation.

This cycle includes breaking down the present province of IT foundation, tools and work processes found out, existing inadequacies and solid focuses, and adjusting the present space for development to business targets of the organization.

When the appraisal is completed, the DevOps organization works intimately with the business partners to shape a guide to digital transformation.

Regularly, the organizations structure their Centers of experience, where groups from DevOps organizations show them the way to use DevOps devices and found out work processes using DevOps best practices.

The entirety of the oversaw DevOps services we give are revolved around the robotization of business cycles and improvement of correspondence and coordinated effort inside your team.

Overall, DevOps transformation works with the steady exertion to streamlining all parts of use delivery to ensure consistently developing expense productivity and advantage of your business activities. we’ll portray the DevOps services gave in additional details on the pages below.

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