Augmented Reality May Revolutionise Quality Control Inspection

There is no manufacturing process without a quality control check. A quality manager or quality inspector is employed by most manufacturers in order to ensure that their products are defect-free. Using augmented reality, a quality manager may look for manufacturing line faults before products are given out to customers. Quality managers will be assisted in defect detection when evaluating products using augmented reality headsets when they are available.

To begin, quality inspectors can reap the following three benefits from the use of augmented reality headsets.

Quality Inspectors Can Use Augmented Reality Goggles to Get Real-time Feedback

Quality inspectors can receive real-time feedback through augmented reality headsets, which are becoming increasingly popular. An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm may be able to detect faults or anomalies in real-time by combining an augmented reality (AR) headset (provided it has a camera) with the latest computer vision software. Using artificial intelligence in conjunction with forthcoming augmented reality headsets, industrial organizations may, for example, automatically detect problems in their manufacturing processes.

To put it another way, computer vision is the process of understanding digital images for the benefit of humans. It is possible to extract information from an image using a computer’s ability to recognize what it sees. A computer may utilize this to detect things, recognize faces, and follow the movement of people. Imperfections on surfaces or on separate pieces of equipment can be detected using computer vision techniques in the industrial sector.

It will be possible to get real-time input from quality inspectors using augmented reality headsets. In addition, the quality inspector can use AR headsets to superimpose graphics in his or her range of view. The quality inspector can get a heads-up on what to look for and where to find it by overlaying labels or annotations on top of the image. The speed and accuracy with which human inspectors can find visual defects will both be improved thanks to this new fault superimposition technique.

Quality Inspectors Can Also Be Trained Via Augmented Reality

Quality inspectors can benefit from new augmented reality technology that can give them training and guidance. Augmented reality can assist new quality inspectors in learning the ropes of their work more quickly and easily by giving step-by-step interactive training. Augmented reality can also help skilled quality managers detect certain types of problems.

AR might be used to help automotive inspectors discover problems on a vehicle door, for example. Also, augmented reality could help inspect a product for flaws. Since all goods would be visually evaluated in the same way, this technology would help improve precision.

Quality control personnel are the ones who determine if a product is in or out of tolerance, and training is critical for all industrial workers. In order to improve quality inspector training and on-the-job education, many manufacturers should make this a top priority.

Statistical Methods for Quality Assurance

Data analysis can also be done with augmented reality goggles. Using the data gathered by the augmented reality headset, trends and patterns can be discovered following an inspection. This past data might then be used to improve the quality inspection procedure in the future, if applicable.

When a particular fault is more prevalent in one region of the plant than another, a manufacturer may take action to remedy the issue. Quality inspectors can also improve the manufacturing process when they find a large number of problems in one product line.

The implementation of these improvements may necessitate the integration of numerous data sources; nonetheless, augmented reality can serve as a fundamental visual baseline for the inclusion of external data. A recommendation engine could offer production process improvements by spatially recording machine-readable data, AR headset location, and on-device fault detection.

AR In the Manufacturing Sector

We’re still in the early stages of augmented reality in the industrial sector, but we can expect to see additional applications in the next several years. The Microsoft HoloLens, for example, was one of the first augmented reality headsets to be developed for industrial use and is still in use today. Even so, we may expect major tech firms to enter this industry as well.

A factory may be slow to adopt AR headsets, but the technology isn’t going away! Augmented reality has too many advantages for quality managers to ignore.

How to Start

A number of options are available to those who want to learn more about augmented reality in the industrial sector. Begin by attending digital trade exhibitions and technology conferences all year round. The NVIDIA conferences come highly recommended by us. A good overview of the current status of augmented reality and where it is headed in the future will be provided by attending these events.

To learn more about how augmented reality can be used in the workplace, read some white papers that were recently published. Learn how augmented reality can be used in the manufacturing industry from this article. Also included are technical applications and instructions, which can aid in the development of a practical augmented reality strategy, which is frequently included by white paper authors.

Consider employing an augmented reality developer if you prefer a more hands-on approach. In order to meet your specific requirements, they can assist you in developing an AR application.


Quality managers can utilize augmented reality to discover flaws before they become a problem. These quality managers will be able to use computer vision and augmented reality headgear to discover defects in products they are visually assessing. Augmented reality is still in its infancy, but it has the potential to transform the quality inspection process.

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