4 Benefits of Migrating to Amazon Web Services’ Cloud-Based Platform

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are confronted with an increased sense of urgency to migrate their critical applications to cloud service providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).  During the closure, numerous organisations that depended heavily on on-premise servers experienced a fragility and a deceleration in their ability to address changing customer and business requirements.

It is anticipated that by the conclusion of 2021, over 59% of enterprises will predominantly or exclusively function in the cloud. This much more rationalises the transition to remote operations, which was “forced.” AWS cloud migration can assist organisations in reducing the total cost of ownership (TOC) of IT infrastructure, enhancing daily employee productivity, and securing access to novel client value propositions, irrespective of the rationale behind their decision to migrate to the cloud.

Advantages of implementing Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is a provider of as-a-service cloud computing resources. It frees up your organisation from allocating expensive resources to activities that do not have a direct impact on your financial performance. Instead of devoting time, resources, and capital to IT-related endeavours, you are able to concentrate on your organization’s fundamental strength. Moreover, company data is accessible to both you and your personnel at any time and from any location with an internet connection, transcending geographical constraints.

Moreover, your IT requirements can be simply scaled up or down in response to demand. This ensures that your IT investments and operations remain efficient and agile. Other advantages of migrating to the AWS cloud include:

1) Expense savings

Migration to AWS protects your bottom line and reduces expenses. Opt to forego the financial investment required to install, configure, and manage on-premises servers, and instead utilise the AWS platform to host your operating system and all enterprise applications for no initial cost. Only the computing resources that are utilised are charged for.

Additionally, one may utilise services like Amazon CloudFront to expedite the delivery of content to consumers across the globe. With its 52 global edge locations, Amazon guarantees quicker download speeds and volumes. In most cases, content requests are automatically routed to the nearest servers by Amazon in order to optimise performance.

2) Information security

The foundation of AWS’s data protection model is collective accountability. The platform offers an infrastructure that ensures global security. Customers are accountable for the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of their own data in the cloud. Through strict adherence to the documented guidelines and best practices provided by AWS, customers can assume responsibility for their cloud security while AWS assumes the security of the cloud infrastructure.

Additionally, you retain complete ownership and control over your content while encrypting it as you see fit. Maintain and transfer your data in the format of your choosing, or delete it at any time. Your assent is not required for automated data replication to occur.

3) Increased elasticity

In the context of conventional IT infrastructure, the ability to forecast forthcoming computational resource demands is a prerequisite for making an investment. Failure to estimate may result in applications lacking the necessary computational resources to manage heightened traffic. Customers may become dissatisfied due to the subsequent decrease in delivery speeds. Conversely, overestimating requirements results in financial wastage on unnecessary information technology resources.

The elastic pay-per-use model of AWS enables you to effectively synchronise your infrastructure with demand, thereby facilitating streamlined and adaptable IT operations. Furthermore, instantaneous scaling up or down is possible. Deploy new applications rapidly by reserving sufficient computing resources on an as-needed basis.

4) Adaptability

The Amazon Web Services platform provides users with the adaptability to incorporate familiar programming models, databases, operating systems, and architectures. AWS products and services are generally compatible with the vast majority of currently used programming languages. Consequently, acquiring proficiency in unfamiliar programming languages or concerns regarding data loss will be superseded throughout the AWS cloud migration process.

Methods for securely executing the migration

Statistics indicate that the most frequently cited impediment to achieving the maximum value of the cloud is security and compliance risk. Consequently, security teams should have an early and substantial presence in your cloud migration endeavour. Incorporate organisational policies, multi-region central networking, multi-account/multi-region AWS-native security, automated security guardrails, and much more into your cloud security solution at multiple tiers.

In general, collaborating with a seasoned provider of Amazon Web Services solutions can facilitate an accelerated migration to the cloud. Webhead can assist your company in leveraging the cost savings, agile data management, and increased productivity that AWS cloud services provide. Contact us immediately to learn more about our proved AWS cloud migration capabilities and to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives.

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