The Major Benefits of IT Services for Government Agencies

The current economic condition causes municipalities and state governments to slash budgets, discontinue programmes, and lay off employees. Despite this, government institutions, like private businesses, are obligated to retain the same level of technology and security, but with fewer budgets. Government entities, whether at the state or municipal level, rely extensively on documentation. Government agencies have a significant need for duplicating, printing, and mailing papers, from creating bills for residences and businesses to publishing licences and documentation, all at a considerable expense to the agency.

Managed IT services assist government agencies in addressing security concerns regarding paper records, reducing demands on the agency itself, and staying under budget.

Investigating the Threats to Today’s Government Agency

The dangers of a government agency are no different than those of a commercial organisation, but they are subject to greater scrutiny. The public expects government agencies to avoid the common errors encountered in the private sector as enforcers of local rules and regulations.

Among the most common dangers are:

Data Breach and Security: Government entities are particularly vulnerable to data breaches. Consider the 2015 breach during the Obama administration, which affected an estimated 5 million people. Every year, the Pentagon receives 13 billion emails that are automatically scanned and declared spam.

Waste: When it comes to paper and printing, government organisations are notoriously wasteful. Employees print a large number of documents on a daily basis at the municipal, state, and federal levels. These printing practices are frequently unmonitored, resulting in excessive costs for government organisations that go unchecked.

Paper Storage Causes Inefficiency: Some government entities continue to use paper storage rather than digital storage. Not only does this make it more difficult to share and cooperate on information, but it also exposes those organisations to more risk if a vital document is misplaced or stolen.

How Managed IT Services Help Government Agencies Overcome Risks

Managed services, such as print, document storage, and IT networks, assist government organisations in staying within tight budgets while also alleviating typical pain points.

Cost Predictability for Easier Annual Budgets

Technology and printing costs are frequently viewed as unpredictable expenses on the budget. When government organisations use managed print services and networks, they replace unanticipated costs with quantified, predictable monthly expenses.

Managed print and IT services have a monthly fee that scales as a government agency’s needs change.

 Eliminating Printing Waste Across the Board

Managed services provide a cost-per-page analysis to determine how much money is being squandered on printing, consumables, and needless equipment. The study assists in improving efficiency and printing practices, as well as providing agencies with a clear picture of where to begin with agency-wide green efforts.

Managed IT and Network Services for Security

Document storage, particularly at the agency level, necessitates the highest security. For any level of agency, managed services may provide data encryption and safe digital infrastructure. Users are assigned access accounts and permissions depending on government clearance levels, decreasing the danger of unauthorised personnel accessing sensitive documentation.

Paper to Digital Documentation Conversion

Paper increases an agency’s liability and creates major security hazards. When a government agency transitions to digital documentation, it eliminates the danger of loss, unauthorised access to documents, and wasted office space on hard copy storage.

Lower staffing costs

Outsourcing to a managed service lowers the cost of hiring, training, and retaining IT and on-site printing employees. Agencies can still use a professional for printing and document storage, but they no longer bear the cost of hiring a licenced, full-time specialist in-house.

reduced device downtime

Managed services monitor government agency devices, including system health and scheduled maintenance. When these services monitor the agency’s devices, they can uncover possible problems before they become a downtime issue or an unexpected repair cost.

 Higher government productivity

Managed service providers free up agency workers for other initiatives, which not only helps government agencies accomplish annual objectives but also increases overall efficiency. Similarly, managed document storage can save time spent seeking certain documents. Document management lowers storage flaws, streamlines internal work cycles, and shortens project timelines.

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