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Streamline your operations and focus on innovation with Amazon Web Services by Aelius Venture. With over 7+ years of experience in providing Amazon Web Services, this is highly beneficial for businesses of all sizes. AWS service from us can reduce costs and enhance the performance and security of your AWS environment, allowing you to focus on what matters most—your business!

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AWS Services from Aelius Venture

AWS cloud computing services must be configured correctly to provide maximum benefits to your business. This can be either done yourself or through acquiring professional help from AWS Managed Services Providers like Aelius Venture — and we firmly believe this to be the best approach. You get instant access to teams of experienced DevOps engineers that provide excellent services at affordable prices.

Cost-Efficient AWS Infrastructure Design & Implementation

When you plan the project infrastructure on AWS yourself, you can easily overlook some essential components — unless you have in-depth experience with designing and running AWS cloud infrastructure. Searching through the extensive AWS knowledge base or placing a support ticket with AWS means losing lots of time, as even under SLA this will mean hours of back-and-forth communications. Quite the contrary, delegating the task to Aelius Venture admins means the AWS infrastructure will be designed and configured on time, under budget, and will run smoothly.

Optimize Your Existing AWS Infrastructure

With time business priorities can change and the existing infrastructure might not be sufficient to sustain the business operations. Optimizing the AWS infrastructure can cost much effort, as you’d want to both use the technology to its fullest and now overpay while also avoiding vendor lock-in. We can provide that, as IT infrastructure optimization is one of our core competencies.

AWS Cloud Migration & Transition

Sometimes you need to migrate your workloads to/from AWS and transition to another public cloud platform or build an in-house private cloud system. Some underwater reefs can sink such a project unless they are all taken into consideration. Aelius Venture can design and execute a smooth migration between clouds or transition to/from AWS for your infrastructure.

– AWS Managed Services — the best way to use Amazon cloud!
– Managed AWS services — industry-leading cloud computing
– Getting the IT services from AWS to work efficiently on your own is quite time-consuming.

This is why AWS managed services are so popular — an experienced IT services provider can help you build a top-notch AWS infrastructure and run it cost-efficiently and reliably!

Power of the Cloud Without the Need to Manage It Yourself!

Knowing what AWS features you need helps avoid excessive spending while building a flexible, resilient, easily scalable, and manageable network. Such an experience is a rare commodity, so hiring a team of DevOps architects from Aelius Venture is much faster and cheaper, as compared to learning everything yourself or trying to hire such an expert in-house.

Working With a Third-Party Partner to Avoid Vendor Lock-In

Naturally, you can opt for managed AWS services provided by Amazon solutions architects, but the risk of vendor lock-in increases significantly in such a case. Amazon cloud engineers will prefer Amazon products and services when building your IT infrastructure and network, so if you decide to move to another cloud platform someday, you will have to rebuild the network from scratch. Third-party providers of managed AWS IT services make sure only the essential AWS features are used and open-source tools. Aelius Venture is a pro at this!

What are AWS Managed Services?

Amazon Web Services or AWS is the most popular cloud service provider nowadays, yet this platform is not the simplest to work with. It is like a mechanism composed of hundreds of moving parts, and using it efficiently is not possible from the start. In addition, many AWS services come in bundles, while certain features can be safely omitted for particular projects.

This is why many businesses opt for AWS-managed services. This means they hire a DevOps service provider to design, provision, and manage their AWS cloud infrastructure to get the most of their dollars.

AWS Services: Business Benefits

– Improved Performance
– Cost Optimization
– Enhanced Security
– Focus On Innovation

Amazon Web Service: Technical benefits

– Easily Handle fluctuations in traffic without experiencing downtime or performance issues.
– AWS offers robust security measures to protect your website.
– Pricing models that allow you to pay only for pricing models.
– Easy-to-Use tools for deploying your website.


What Do You Get From Amazon Web Services?

– AWS cloud architecture design — the most suitable AWS cloud environment design and implementation for your project performed by experienced cloud architects.

– AWS cloud automation implementation — primary configuration of automated cloud infrastructure updates using Kubernetes manifests for hassle-free operations.

– Infrastructure as Code — ensuring the infrastructure provisioning is automated through the use of Terraform manifests for error-proof deployments.

– CI/CD pipelines — Continuous Implementation of customer feedback and Continuous Delivery of new features along automated update pipelines for positive user experience.

– Scalability — using Amazon Auto-Scaling Groups with Kubernetes nodes ensures optimal resource allocation and product performance in production.

– Real-time alerting — smart alerts from CloudWatch and SNS to Slack and other messengers using AWS Lambda functions.

– Proactive monitoring — and in-depth configuration of Prometheus+Grafana or bespoke cloud monitoring solutions for detailed insights on the infrastructure performance.

– In-depth logging — deploying ELK stack, FluentD, Sumologic, Splunk, or other cloud computing logging solutions to provide detailed reports and log analysis.

Transition to AWS Cloud Platform

AWS is the most popular cloud IaaS provider worldwide and many businesses decide to migrate to it at some point in their lifecycle. Aelius Venture has broad expertise with the transition to AWS from on-prem servers, dedicated data centers, or other cloud providers. We help design and implement cost-efficient AWS infrastructure, using only the services your project needs and avoiding overspending. Remaining lean means remaining competitive.

– We assess the project requirements and form a list of AWS services and third-party analogs required to make it perform best.
– We design the infrastructure according to your preferences and implement it after your approval.
– We provide detailed guides for your IT team on how to use your AWS infrastructure best
We can manage your AWS product infrastructure for you.


Building CI/CD Pipelines Using AWS Services

Amazon offers several CI/CD DevOps tools. These services provide end-to-end Amazon-based architecture, although leaving AWS may be difficult. We like leveraging the core Amazon building blocks—S3 storage, EC2 instances, RDS database, ElasticCache, CloudTrail security, etc.—and complementing them with open-source technologies like Kubernetes, Jenkins, Ansible, etc. We can develop adaptable infrastructure and CI/CD pipelines that operate on Amazon, GCP, MS Azure, and others.


AWS Lambda Serverless Computing


AWS Lambda is a great managed AWS service, enabling businesses to rent specific resources to run their code without the need to rent and configure the servers. This is essential for various parts of the software delivery process and allows the process of vast volumes of data rapidly or glue together different processes by executing intermediary tasks. It can even use the output from other AWS services and initiate operations from webhooks or web/mobile apps.


Lambda configuration. While AWS Lambda is a great service, it requires in-depth understanding to be configured correctly and work cost-effectively. We help businesses get the most out of their dollars when using Lambda.


Building cloud-agnostic serverless functions. Lambda can process any input and provide any output, allowing it to build complex multi-cloud environments. We can configure Lambda to perform.

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