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Cloud network monitoring is essential for business success. We house dedicated teams that provide cloud monitoring solutions in the UK and worldwide. If you look toward IT outsourcing cloud service monitoring — Aelius Venture is the best choice for Cloud Monitoring Services!


Cloud Monitoring Solutions At Scale

Application performance monitoring is essential for ensuring a positive end-user experience. Aelius Venture has ample experience with cloud monitoring and management at scale and we can configure and run various cloud monitoring tools on Amazon Web Service or Google Cloud Platform. Our rich DevOps experience ensures our Google or AWS cloud monitoring systems can deal with complex customer infrastructures and ensure service continuity.

Real-Time Public Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring

Real-time monitoring is the key to the cost-efficiency of public cloud systems. Both vendor-specific and free-to-use open-source cloud monitoring solutions can be used to ensure uninterrupted staging and production environment operation. Aelius Venture designs and deploys bespoke cloud server monitoring systems tailored to your project needs to ensure maximum ROI on your public cloud infrastructure monitoring.

Reliable Cloud Monitoring Platform for Your Business

Knowing when something goes awry is not enough nowadays, it is essential to be able to correct the situation at once, or even predict and avoid it. Aelius Venture combines our DevOps expertise with a thorough knowledge of running predictive Big Data analytics. We can deploy cloud monitoring software that highlights the issue roots, suggests the best solutions, and if you order a Machine Learning model training, it can reboot the faulty services, building a self-healing cloud infrastructure for your business.

Cloud Monitoring Services from Aelius Venture

While you might think that transition to the cloud or releasing your cloud-based product is the hardest part of cloud infrastructure management, it ain’t so. The largest part of the project is monitoring its performance in production, especially if the product is in the active development phase, and new features have to be released frequently.

Thus said, using some cloud monitoring platform is essential for ensuring an uninterrupted application update workflow and end-user experience. Instead of manually controlling all the parameters, cloud monitoring solutions allow configuring a set of thresholds, triggers, and alerts. For example, if a CPU load goes up from 30% to 70%, it means that the workload peak is coming. Without monitoring, you can only hope your resources will suffice — or rent additional cloud computing resources, so they can be on standby just in case they are needed.

Quite the contrary, cloud monitoring software allows setting thresholds for CPU usage, RAM usage, disk space usage, I/O growth, and other server parameter fluctuations. You can also deploy scripts that automatically apply one of several possible scenarios for each of such situations. If a CPU workload grows — spin up several more application instances and split the incoming traffic using load balancing, so the load on every particular instance will be lower. What is more important, once the workload drops below a certain threshold — meaning the peak is over — those excessive instances are shut down to save your resources.

Thus said, the correct configuration of a cloud monitoring platform is quite a complicated process for a variety of reasons. First of all, most cloud users don’t configure monitoring at all, relying on built-in cloud scalability. Secondly, efficient cloud monitoring is impossible without the correct configuration of various parameters, which requires a decent understanding of cloud architecture, in general, and monitoring best practices, in particular.


Such expertise can be obtained in one of three main approaches:

– Hiring an experienced DevOps engineer in-house. This is the main way most businesses prefer to go, but it involves a need for an incalculable amount of time and resources you have to spend on recruitment and hiring. Besides, hiring two DevOps engineers to enable cloud server monitoring is too expensive, while losing your single specialist (who can get ill, go on vacation or simply quit) can put all your projects and workflows at risk.

– Renting cloud monitoring as a service from your cloud provider. Businesses that opt for reliability go that route, as support engineers from Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, or any other cloud vendor can configure and run reliable cloud monitoring solutions to ensure your applications and data are secure at all times.

The downside to this approach, however, is that these specialists are more likely to use their platform-specific application performance monitoring tools like Amazon CloudTrail or Google Stackdriver — which is not the most cost-efficient approach and results in vendor lock-in. A business might want to replace these pay-per-use services with open-source alternatives, but this requires having a thorough understanding of cloud monitoring nooks and crannies — and the lack of said experience is the reason you opt for cloud server monitoring support in the first place.

– Hiring a dedicated team from a third-party IT outsourcing company. A Managed Services Provider like Aelius Venture fields the teams of DevOps engineers that are nearly as skilled as the ones employed by cloud platforms but are not bound with the need to use vendor-specific cloud infrastructure, monitoring, and management tools.

For example, we can replace Amazon CloudTrail and Google Stackdriver with Prometheus, Grafana, Zabbix, Alert Manager, SumoLogic, Splunk, DataDog, FluentD, ELK stack, and other open-source cloud-based monitoring software to ensure a significant reduction of monthly payments. This also prevents vendor lock-in, because migration to another cloud becomes as simple as connecting Google Storage instead of Amazon S3 and changing several parameters in the configuration files.


Public Cloud Server Monitoring & Metrics

Some companies select yet another approach — they subscribe to cloud monitoring tools from their respective cloud vendors, but they hire third-party specialists to provide monitoring and management of their cloud systems. Aelius Venture has performed a fair share of such projects and we can ensure maximum cost-efficiency of your data and application performance monitoring. AWS or GCP — we can handle any cloud monitoring platform and procedures.

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Cloud Monitoring Solutions for Your Business

Everybody can install the ELK stack to Amazon Web Services according to a publicly available guide. It takes some experience, however, to configure it to run correctly to your specific project. None knowledgebase can contain the answers to all possible questions and not a single guide can cover all the configuration variants.

This is where Aelius Venture excels. We don’t simply install and configure cloud monitoring software. We provide bespoke end-to-end cloud monitoring solutions that ensure your applications and data run flawlessly and provide an uninterrupted end-user experience for your customers.

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