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Dedicated teams from Aelius Venture that help perform AWS Cloud Migration Services to the UK and global businesses of all sizes. We are an IT outsourcing company with 7+ years of expertise since 2014 in delivering Amazon cloud server migration services for projects of any scope.

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AWS Cloud Migration Services & Support for Your Business

Amazon Web Services is the most popular cloud platform and the most common destination for IT projects. Aelius Venture provides in-depth Amazon cloud migration consulting, helping our customers evaluate, design, and implement the best approach to moving their infrastructure to the cloud. We can both lift and shift or rebuild your systems using cloud-native and open-source alternatives of your infrastructure components. We have done close to 20 projects single-handedly.

Google Cloud to Amazon Migration

Many businesses face the need to migrate from Google Cloud to Amazon Web Services for a wide range of reasons. Aelius Venture helps with this endeavor, as we have rich hands-on experience with adjusting the cloud infrastructure to meet the needs of the project, be it on GCP or AWS. We help you build and run cost-efficient, manageable, and performant cloud solutions that meet their specific business project requirements and ensure a positive end-user experience for your customers.

We Reduce the Cost of Cloud Migration to Amazon

There are a vast knowledge base and multiple FAQs on the Amazon Web Services website describing the best scenarios for performing a cloud migration to AWS from other cloud platforms or dedicated servers. However, no FAQs can cover every specific project and most of them recommend using AWS products, features, and services, which is understandable. Nevertheless, replacing some of the tools and components recommended by AWS with open-source alternatives allows cutting the costs of cloud migration to AWS significantly. Aelius Venture can help you with that!

Migration to Amazon Cloud for Your Business

Migration between cloud providers is not an easy task. It must have very compelling reasons behind it and must be approached with due diligence to ensure all the risks and potential pitfalls are negated, and the most cost-efficient and performant approach is taken. Aelius Venture provides in-depth cloud migration consulting and assistance, guaranteeing that all the tasks are performed on time, with utmost close attention to detail and an in-depth understanding of the required operations.

There are several scenarios to performing cloud migration to Amazon Web Services. The most popular are “lift-and-shift” and cloud-native analogs. Lift-and-shift is the scenario when your existing systems can be moved to the cloud by system engineers practically without any redesign. This is suitable for smaller applications with extensive databases and simple business logic. In this case, cloud architects support the transition by replicating the legacy infrastructure using the AWS cloud components and services and performing the AWS database migration using the dump/restore method.

On the other hand, sometimes the existing infrastructure causes performance bottlenecks, compatibility issues, or simply cannot be replicated OR copied using cloud tools and web services AWS provides. In this case, the support engineers/developers assess the state of the existing environments, define the role of every component and select the cloud-native analog that will suit this task best. Then the system is rebuilt from scratch using cloud-native services, platforms, detail, and DevOps tools like Terraform, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Ansible, ELK stack, Sumologic, and others.


It is important to note that cloud migration to AWS can be performed by multiple specialists — your in-house staff, freelancers, IT outsourcing teams, or support engineers from AWS itself. There are advantages and shortcomings/disadvantages to each of these approaches:

It is hard to hire a decent DevOps engineer in-house, not to mention hiring a whole team. Skilled DevOps engineers are never unemployed, and recruiting one of your internal staff for one project can take a lot of time and effort. In addition, once the cloud migration is complete, you will have to find new tasks for the DevOps specialist to keep him employed for ongoing system maintenance and updates or allow them to quit to save them money on their salary (and need to repeat the whole process, if the need for any updates arises). This is just another skill for IT Staffing.

Working with freelancers is a double-edged sword. They cost much less than in-house specialists but tend to be overconfident with their skills, promise more than they can make, and constantly miss deadlines. While there surely are decent freelancers or teams on various job marketplaces, the risk of meeting an unscrupulous contractor is very high.

Working with AWS support engineers is a decent choice. However, their services are costly, your requests will be served along with the queue of their other daily tasks, and they prefer building cloud systems using AWS-based services and features. While these are good, building a cloud infrastructure using AWS-specific web services and functions is a sure way to vendor lock-in. This means that moving from AWS to another cloud platform (should such a need arise) becomes nearly impossible or very costly.

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Hiring a DevOps team from a Managed Services Provider like Aelius Venture is the most cost-effective solution. We house a team of experienced DevOps engineers and cloud architects, who prefer working with us for two reasons: they face a variety of tasks that helps them grow their skills fast, and they usually have carte blanche to make things work, meaning they can use the latest versions of the best open-source DevOps tools, instead of dealing with the same legacy infrastructure all the time. We have been consistent in keeping the team happy with the way we work!

Besides, due to a huge variety of accomplished projects, or DevOps engineers have a plethora of turnkey solutions/answers for the most common challenges related to migration to AWS cloud. Thus said, it is a win-win situation, where the customers quickly get cost-efficient cross-platform cloud systems largely consisting of open-source modules, and the Aelius Venture DevOps team gets ample opportunities to improve their skills.

Thus said, hiring a cohesive DevOps outsourcing team from a Managed Service Provider like Aelius Venture is a good business decision when performing a cloud migration to Amazon Web Services. We have been consistent since 2014 in this regard.


Google Cloud Platform to AWS Cloud Migration Services

Many startups begin their operations with GCP, due to the inherent software development capabilities of Google App Engine and the ease of Google Kubernetes Engine configuration and management. However, while scaling up, many businesses have compelling reasons to migrate to AWS — scalability and security of AWS CloudFront, ability to combine resources of several AWS accounts through AWS VPC peering, the convenience of moving the production environments between different AWS availability zones on request, etc. Get in touch for more details for AWS Cloud Migration Services .

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